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This program is closed now. But back in the day RochesterEnvironment.com tried to highlight the efforts of groups to bring environmental awareness to the public. Check out some past winners. 

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The award is given to the best environmental web site or blog that best promotes, informs, and offers solutions to our area's environmental issues—using the unique powers of the Internet.   I believe we are in a period of great change in both our environment and in the media. On the one hand, mankind has wrought wholesale changes that make sustainability for our way of life problematic. 

Environmental Site of the Month AwardOn the other hand, we can no longer depend on mainstream media to keep us informed on what is going on with our environment.  Mainstream media has failed us completely on informing us of the urgency of our environmental problems. They have fallen short especially on the investigatory reporting necessary to see that our governmental bodies, corporations, and other countries actively and preemptively monitor and protect our environment.   

The Good news is that many private citizens have taken it upon themselves to point out important environmental concerns and provide information to the public on local environmental issues that need our attention.  So, this Environmental Award goes out each month to focus on those who provide accurate environmental information and who use the emerging powers of the Internet to reach everyone to get involved on the most critical issue of our generation.


* Got a candidate for our Environmental Site of the Month Award - send me the link and why you think it should get an award - FrankRegan@RochesterEnvironment.com


Previous winners of the monthly RochesterEnvironment.com Environmental award:


  • Cornell Climate Change | "The climatechange.cornell.edu website provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary gateway to climate change events, initiatives, research, student courses and organizations, and public engagement at Cornell University. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges faced by our generation, and Cornell researchers are involved with many aspects of addressing this challenge regionally and globally.  In addition to climate scientists who document climate change trends and develop models to project the future, others at Cornell are working on ways to build resilience to climate change in our communities, farms, and natural landscapes.  Cornell engineers are working on energy solutions to slow the pace of climate change, while those in the social sciences and humanities provide perspective on the economic issues and human impacts that inform policy decisions." [RENewsletter December 1, 2013)


  • Climate Change Crash Course « The Cost of Energy "The Climate Change Crash Course (“4C”) is an experiment in creating a crowd-sourced, one-stop guide to climate change resources, geared to three levels of familiarity with the subject: Newbies, Nerds, and Ninjas. Each of those sections has three subsections: Must Reads, Extended Reading, and Web Sites Worth Tracking. As a bonus, there’s also a section on my favorite online research tools. "  {RENewsletter April 29, 2012}


  • Green Monroe.org “Welcome to GreenMonroe.org – a place to find rebates, subsidies, incentives and grants available to community of Monroe County to lower energy cost and buy renewable energy.” MyMonroe. Opening Up Government. | Monroe County, NY  [RENewsletter December 25, 2011]
  • R-Cause: Rochesterians Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction  “R-CAUSE was created by Rochester citizens who treasure New York State and want its waters, land and air to remain clean and its communities to remain viable. R-CAUSE's goal is to inform as many people in the Rochester area as possible about the risks associated with high-volume, slick-water, horizontal hydraulic fracturing.” [RENewsletter July 31, 2011]
  • The Rochester Environment Meetup Group (Rochester, NY) “We are concerned with a set of problems we recognize as affecting how environmental changes we desire become stymied. We started with a concern about Global Warming. And now have our focus on trying to reticulate possible, real paths toward solutions.” [RENewsletter April 24, 2011]
  • Rochester Gardening wins this month’s environmental award because it’s one of those handy websites on gardening information that has been around for a long time. Year in and year out this site shugs along providing free information on how to create and keep your garden healthy and our environment healthy too. Check this site out often for all the local information and links you need to keep your garden going strong.  [RENewsletter March 27, 2011]
  • Rochester Rail Transit Committee, Inc. “The RRTC is a 501c not-for-profit, grassroots citizen's group dedicated to exploring and promoting the opportunities of rail transit in the greater Rochester, NY area. The goals of the Rochester Rail Transit Committee are to: ◦Inform community leaders about rail transit options and their benefits ◦Educate the public about the benefits and possibilities of rail transit ◦Promote all modes of transit, including bus transit” [RENewsletter February 27, 2011]
  • Allens Creek Corbett's Glen Preservation Group“The ACCGPG is a 501c(3) not-for-profit grassroots organization that was founded in 1994 in response to development pressures on the environmentally-sensitive lands in the Allens Creek Valley, located just outside of Rochester, NY, in the towns of Brighton and Penfield. The ACCGPG strives to protect these lands (especially Corbett’s Glen Nature Park) from adjacent development by working towards expansion of the park borders through conservation easements and land acquisition, and by actively participating in governmental regulation of proposed development in the area.”  [RENewsletter January 30, 2011]


  • Center for Sustainable Living :: Genesee Valley / Finger Lakes Region “The Center for Sustainable Living recognizes the wisdom in natural systems that serve as models for ecological well-being. The Center provides a place for instructional programs and educational resources which integrate this knowledge into human ways of living." The Center for Sustainable Living offers a variety of instructional programs on topics including, but not limited to, agriculture, energy conservation, building technologies, and the preservation and enjoyment of wildlife habitat.” [RENewsletter December 26, 2010]
  • Oatka Creek Watershed Committee “The Oatka Creek Watershed Committee (OCWC) is a not for profit group composed of dedicated volunteers from a variety of backgrounds who are working together to develop a watershed management plan for the Oatka Creek Watershed which is located within the four counties of Wyoming, Genesee, Livingston and Monroe in Western New York State. Our diverse membership is composed of people from local government, the farming community, public health, conservation and many other areas, and our activities have been supported through partnerships and federal, state and local grants.”   [RENewsletter November, 28  2010)
  • Rochesterians Against the Misuse of Pesticides (RAMP) "RAMP's Mission is to advocate against toxic chemicals and pesticides risk on public health and the environment.   RAMP was established in 1987 by community members seeking to inform others of the potential dangers of using pesticides and toxic chemicals."  [RENewsletter October 31, 2010]
  • 350 Day at the Farmers Market! | 350.org “10 October 2010 - 10:00am - 12:30pm - Lower your carbon footprint by supporting your local Farmer’s Market. On 10-10-10, come to the Brighton Farmers Market, and take action! We, passionate citizens of the Rochester area are privileged to honor the Town of Brighton and the resident-run organization Color Brighton Green for their pioneering efforts to reduce Brighton's carbon footprint. Let's show the rest of the Rochester community and the entire globe that there are people who get the 350 message! And let's demand that Congress lead by passing legislation to get us back to 350.” [RENewsletter September 26, 2010]
  • Greenovation | Think local, think sustainable  http://imagecitygreen.com/  “Greenovation started back in June 2009 as a consulting business, assisting clients with green design choices for their homes. Things would’ve been fine had they remained that way, but dreams don’t ever come in small sizes. When I ask people where they think of when I mention green living, the answer is likely to be the West coast, or cities like Asheville, NC or Austin, TX. What about Western New York? Sprinkled across the map are pockets of green innovation, from the ecovillages of Ithaca to the co-ops of Rochester. Small businesses thrive in a green niche, and there’s enough of a following to promote them to anyone searching for them. But what about the average person who lives and works every day, surrounded by these forward-thinking people and businesses, but never takes advantage of them? What about the green startup that’s looking for a community to call home? Is our area the best choice, or should they look somewhere in North Carolina or Texas? From a consulting business to an online retailer to a community, Greenovation is as big as you want it to be. If there’s a desire to put our area on the map as a leader in sustainable practices, or promote local business and talent, Greenovation is the vehicle to make it happen. Giving power to the people who live and work sustainably can only result in more great ideas, a wider acceptance of green practices, and a shared vision for our communities. The website, imagecitygreen.com, is what you make of it. We have contributors sparking ideas in a wide variety of local topics. Readers may then expand on these ideas, spark new conversations, which (I hope) will result in action. Someone in the community sees a need for more community gardens? Start a thread in the forum, get your friends involved, make a plan. Make a difference” [RENewsletter August 22, 2010]
  • GreenMonroe.org "is a website for Monroe County residents, businesses and organizations to identify energy saving incentive programs. These are programs offering money to help you with energy saving upgrades - in homes and in commercial buildings – and rebates to encourage the purchase of energy efficient products. GreenMonroe.org has interactive tools and reference materials for Monroe County residents, businesses and organizations on the topics of conserving energy, switch to renewable energy sources and reduce environmental footprint on energy uses. GreenMonroe.org also showcases energy conservation and renewable energy projects implemented by the Monroe County government and by residents, businesses and organizations in Monroe County. These projects demonstrate the benefits of adopting energy efficiency products and renewable energy sources.”  [RENewsletter July 25, 2010)
  • The Green Dandelion “The Green Dandelion is a blog focused on sharing recycling, energy conservation and sustainability initiatives, ideas and events through blogs and online community interaction. Our content shares the distinctive voices of University Facilities and Services bloggers and those who work to improve the environment at the University of Rochester. We hope The Green Dandelion reflects the pleasure and joy we all derive from being involved in sustainability.” [RENewsletter June 27, 2010]
  • Federation of Monroe County Environmentalists: “The Federation of Monroe County Environmentalists is concerned about rapidly disappearing green space and wildlife habitat in this region. We bring together individuals and organizations to discuss and act on local environmental issues with a united voice.  The focus of the Federation is on land use, with an emphasis on promoting better land use planning, on a local and regional level. In recent years we have become aware that urban sprawl must be curbed to achieve sustainable communities. We are working to familiarize citizens and decision makers in our community with the principles of balanced sustainable development, to show that preserving and protecting environmental integrity benefits every citizen, now and in the future. “  [RENewsletter May 30, 2010]
  • Rochester CARE Collaborative | Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) | US EPA “Rochester, the third-largest city in New York state located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, is home to nearly 220,000 residents who live among businesses and industrial facilities. Rochester is ranked as having the highest risks posed to humans in the Northeast, according to EPA’s Risk Screening Environmental Indicators. This is a method of assigning risk to geographic areas by considering the number of people exposed and affected by the amount and toxicity of its current and past pollution. The Rochester CARE Collaborative convened a number of local organizations concerned about the city’s environment and provided facilitation services and funding to help the organizations work together and leverage their assets. Today, with more than 30 partners, the Rochester CARE Collaborative is implementing six “mini-projects” to reduce exposure to environmental pollutants.” [RENewsletter April 25, 2010]
  • NOFLAC | National Organization Firing-range Lead Abatement and Containment |  http://noflac.org/ “NOFLAC was conceived in Rochester, NY in 1999. While visiting friends who lived near a gun club, we were drawn to the fact that bullets and shot are generally made of lead, but we learned that there were no laws against discharging lead shot into the environment. This led us to further investigate this gun club and find out what preventive measures the gun club was using to keep lead and other metals from leaching into the soil and groundwater. What we found out shocked us. Gun clubs do not have to follow ANY rules, laws or even recommendations with regard to containing lead and metals contamination.”  [RENewsletter March 28, 2010 ]
  • Cayuga-Seneca Canal Trail Association  http://www.cay-sentrail.org/ “The Cayuga-Seneca Canal Trail Association is an affiliate of the Canalway Trails Association of New York, a voluntary organization working with citizens, state agencies and local municipalities to help manage the Canalway Trail across New York State. The Canalway Trails Association promotes the completion and proper maintenance of the Canalway Trail and coordinates the Adopt-a-Trail program. The Cayuga-Seneca Canal Trail Association is comprised of citizen volunteers and representatives of various non-profit and government organizations who are working to promote the development of the trail in Seneca County.” [RENewsletter February 28, 2010]
  • Christine Sevilla Project http://www.christinesevilla.com/  "Welcome to A Living Project to Preserve a Place in Christine's Honor  For All to Enjoy in Perpetuity Christine's family and friends envision a natural area, including wetlands, preserved in her memory.  This vision includes an educational component, like an interpretive trail to help others recognize what Christine saw - an interconnected natural community of flora and fauna, soil and water. Perhaps even an  Arts and Music Festival to celebrate what Christine so treasured. " [RENewsletter January 2010]


  • Honeoye Valley Association "The Honeoye Valley Association is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that works in a variety of ways to protect and preserve the environmental quality of the Honeoye Lake watershed." (RENewsletter December 27, 2009)
  • Genesee River Wilds Project  “The Genesee River Wilds Project is a coalition of groups and individuals who invest time, energy, funding, and other resources in the development of an environmentally sustainable system of natural parks concentrated along the Genesee River in the “Genesee River Wilds.”  This phrase refers to the Genesee River and its watershed from the river’s sources in Potter County, Pennsylvania, to the southern boundary of Letchworth State Park in New York State.  The Genesee River Wilds Project represents and partners with federal, state, county, municipal, and non-profit organizations; business corporations; educational institutions; landowners; farmers; anglers; hunters; hikers; mountain bikers; kayak and canoe enthusiasts; and many others who participate in various official and unofficial ways.  The coalition works to improve the health of the upper Genesee River and its watershed; protect them from future environmental threats; and enhance their recreational potential. Mission: To restore, protect, and enjoy the upper Genesee River by combining conservation, recreation, and business.” [RENewsletter November 29, 2009]
  • 350.org “TODAY, the 24 October, people in 181 countries came together for the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history. At over 5200 events around the world, people gathered to call for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis.” [RENewsletter October 25, 2009]
  • Irondequoit’s "The Green Page"  “For the Town of Irondequoit, the definition of sustainable development continues to evolve.   The framework for sustainability is Irondequoit’s Comprehensive Environmental and Energy Policy, adopted by the Town Board in 2007 and updated in 2009.  The Policy presents the Town’s goals for improving the quality of life in Irondequoit for current and future generations, including:  Connected and healthy communities Modern infrastructure Healthy natural habitat and clean waterways  Energy efficiency"  --from  Town of Irondequoit [RENewsletter September 27, 2009]
  • ACT Rochester Community Indicators for the Greater Rochester Area: The mission of ACT Rochester is to stimulate community solutions to our most critical challenges by changing the culture of public discussion and debate.  This will be achieved through focused, independent and objective measurement of key community indicators, through diverse and timely dialogue and by promoting results-oriented actions. ACT Rochester is a collaboration of Rochester Area Community Foundation and the United Way of Greater Rochester.  We developed the Website together, along with assistance from the Center for Governmental Research, and plan to sustain and update it as a central component of ACT Rochester [RENewsletter August 30, 2009]
  • Rochester Greenway “A revolutionary all-weather alternative energy transitway for bikes, e-vehicles, joggers, and skaters connecting RIT, U of R, and MCC, downtown Rochester. Three Opportunities, One Big Idea. The Green path north from U of R on the East Side is a scenic paved bikepath. The Blue path north from U of R on the West Side of the river, also scenic, is part of the City's existing Greenway trail. The river crossing on the the Blue path is an unused railroad bridge that could be rehabilitated spectacularly!” [RENewsletter July 26, 2009]
  • Cool Rochester--Save money, energy, the planet http://www.coolrochester.org/  Cool Rochester is a non-profit group composed of concerned citizens who are engaging the Rochester community in the fight against climate change. We believe dramatic reductions of carbon dioxide emissions are necessary to preserve and protect a functioning planet for this (and future) generations. Our goal is to reduce Rochester area carbon emissions one billion pounds in three years. To achieve this, we need to recruit 80,000 households and workplaces to participate in our program, to reduce their emissions by 25%. By unleashing the power of community we can save energy, save money and save the planet. Join Cool Rochester. [RENewsletter June 28, 09]
  • SUMMER of POWER 2009 ROCHESTER NY | Turning Passion into Action  “The Summer of Power is the idea moved to action that youth MUST lead the way in transforming Rochester into a green, clean and sustainable community. Our mission is to green Rochester by inspiring, supporting, educating, connecting, organizing and mobilizing youth, supported by adults, to increase awareness about "green" issues and opportunities and to convert ideas into action that  will make this a green, clean, and sustainable community for all people. [RENewsletter May 31, 2009
  • The Committee to Preserve the Finger Lakes http://www.preservethefingerlakes.com/  We are a group of progressive individuals committed to preserving the natural beauty and the purity of the water in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. The scenic lakes and majestic natural scenery make the Region worth preserving. The topography ranges from steep hills and valleys to gently rolling hills and valleys. The region is home to a large agricultural community that includes a thriving Mennonite population. Some of the various types of agriculture include dairy and crop farms, grape vineyards, and apple orchards -- RENewsletter | April 26, 2009
  • Save Auburn Trail - http://www.saveauburntrail.org/  “Help preserve this special part of the Auburn Trail -   The Town of Victor, NY is planning a six foot wide stone dust trail to replace a narrow footpath through a unique environmental area known as the  Railroad Mills Special Environmental Area (RRMSEA) The Coalition to save RRMSEA believes Victor's plan will have serious environmental impacts and will eliminate the wilderness feeling that makes the area so special.  We propose a compromise that creates an accessible trail that can be enjoyed by a wide range of users, and preserves the sensitive and unique environment.” -- RENewsletter - March 29, 2009
  • Climate Change Central "climate change central is a community resource  center and forum for climate change dialogue in  Rochester, New York.  We believe improved access to  climate change information will empower citizens in  our community to recognize climate induced  hazards, and to make positive changes for their  families and neighborhoods. given the right  resources and tools, people can protect their  families and help their communities in the face of  this crisis." - RENewsletter Feb 22, 2009
  • The Last Experiment: Interested in understanding what climate change will mean in your backyard? Go to www.lastexperiment.com  to see a slideshow and trailer for a documentary about the effects and reactions to climate change in the Rochester area. The documentary is being produced by three local filmmakers. The project needs financial support, and donations through the site are tax-deductible. If you would like to know more about the film, email the filmmakers at producers@lastexperiment.com - January 2009. [RENewsletter January 25, 2009]


  • Go Green Rochester - Global Warming Awareness  -  http://gogreenrochester.com Go Green Rochester is committed to raising environmental awareness throughout the Rochester community. Our new site is designed to educate community members on how to get involved while highlighting the individuals, organizations, and businesses in Rochester who are doing their part to help.  Go Green Rochester is proposing a Bag Global Warming Day for Rochester and its surrounding communities. Our goal is to give away 500,000 bags to the general public, free of charge, dispersed at different locations throughout Monroe County. Companies sponsoring the Bag Global Warming Day will receive premier placement on these bags. (June 2008 RENewsletter Word )
  • Community Health V.O.I.C.E.http://urmcch.wordpress - The Community Health VOICE (Volunteer, Organize, Innovate, Collaborate, Empower) Blog was created to serve as a forum for faculty, staff, students, residents and fellows at the University of Rochester Medical Center and our partners in the Rochester area and beyond who are engaged or have an interest in community-based health services, education, research, and advocacy. (May 2008 RENewsletter Word
  • Kindersafe http://www.kindersafe.org/kindersafe/    “In the fall of 2007 a series of reports on toys that were contaminated with lead, asbestos, cadmium, arsenic, and other dangerous materials alerted the public to a children’s health hazard. While hazardous toys are not a new problem, the problem has grown substantially due to lack of adequate federal action and a dramatic increase in toy imports.  It is currently very difficult to identify safe and unsafe toys.  Many organizations are working to identifying hazardous toys and share that information with the public.  There are also efforts underway to change consumer product policies and improve safety.  This website provides links to information on toy safety and to groups and resources that can be used to take action on product safety.” (April 2008 RENewsletter Word)  
  • CEI: Center for Environmental Information “CEI is a private, non-profit organization that has been been providing environmental communication, education, and information services to Rochester Region for over 30 years. We advocate informed action that seeks to fix the problem, not fix the blame. In other words, we prefer to shed light, not heat, on environmental issues. Our core belief is that environmental health and economic vitality are mutually interdependent. To this end, CEI acts as a facilitator, educator, and convenor to promote informed environmental decision making.” (March 2008 RENewsletter Word )
  • Rochester Roots http://www.rochesterroots.org/  “Rochester Roots develops self-reliance by providing the education and tools that help low-income people obtain nutritious, locally grown food, and through the development and marketing of urban produce and products. We strive to achieve this vision through our participation in the local food system and through education and advocacy.” (February 2008 RENewsletter Word)
  • Wild Wings http://www.wildwingsinc.org/ 27 Pond Road, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 Phone: 585.334.7790 Fax: 585.334.7563 "Wild Wings is a not-for-profit educational organization that houses and cares for permanently injured, birds of prey (raptors) which are unable to survive on their own in the wild any more. Our mission is to teach environmental stewardship through programs featuring our resident raptors as our teaching partners. We travel with our raptors to schools, scout meetings, and many other corporate and private events, and we also host educational programs and hikes at our facility at Mendon Ponds Park."  (January 2008 RENewsletter Word or January 2008 RENewsletter PDF)


  • PROJECT-HOUSE.US "Project H.O.U.S.E. is designed to be a comprehensive resource for anyone who is looking for information, motivation, organizations, etc. in regard to reducing our carbon footprint, saving energy, and sustaining a livable planet" (December 2007 RENewsletter Word )
  • Micrecycle “Our mission is to provide computers for education. Micrecycle refurbishes donated equipment to supply high-quality, affordable computers to families, schools and community organizations. We support community technology access and training for all members of the greater Rochester community. Micrecycle is a volunteer-based program dedicated to the vision that all people have affordable access to the benefits of computer and information technology. Micrecycle is a program of the Rochester Museum & Science Center.” [November 07 RENewsletter]
  • Rochester Green Living "Our goal is to help lower the environmental impact of the homes and lives of those living in the greater Rochester area. To reach that goal we will provide workshops in sustainability, promote local green events, be a free local resource in sustainable information, and create connections to other green businesses/groups throughout New York. We hope we will be the first stop on your journey to a deeper understanding of sustainability."  [October 07 RENewsletter]
  • Re-TreeWNY.org  "Re-Tree WNY was established on November 3, 2006 by a group of about 40 Western New York residents who saw first-hand the devastation done to our beautiful Western New York living resource -- our trees -- and decided to take action to re-forest every public area that was destroyed by the freak October 12-13 snowstorm. Included on our committee is an eclectic group of professionals who have a passion for Greater Buffalo and a background for being "doers" in our committee. We have government leaders, media personalities, attorneys, park personnel, community activists, volunteer organizations, sales executives, promotional people, media people, retirees, and retail managers in our group." [September 07 RENewsletter]
  • An Urban Sustainability Project -This month’s site/blog of the month is http://urbansustainabilityproject.blogspot.com An Urban Sustainability Project - It’s about a Rochester-area family's attempt to live in a more ecologically sustainable way.  And, because this site is a blog, you can join in the comments. [August 07 RENewsletter]  
  • RocBike.com | The RocBike Review Speaking about environmental blogs, this site is not specifically an environmental site, but seeing how bikes don’t pollute and get us around quickly, we ought to give serious thought to helping those who do commute by bike some attention: Surf to over “RocBike.com” and let them know your ideas on making Rochester a better place to bike. [July 07 RENewsletter]
  • Friends of Irondequoit Bay Here’s a great new site by a community that has gathered together to observe and protect an area in their own backyard.  This kind of site shows how the Internet shines and empowers people to take charge of their own environment. Environmentalists: Friends of Irondequoit Bay “is a non-profit, member based environmental organization whose mission is to help preserve and protect the delicate ecological integrity of Irondequoit Bay wetlands through preservation, education and advocacy.” [June 07 RENewsletter]
  • The Rochester Environment Meetup Group (Rochester, NY) - Meetup.com "We are working on a plan for the process by which problems (see our list --I'll send it) may be addressed. We're also concerned with global warming and Rochester environment. We seek alliances with other groups and new members." [May 07 RENewsletter]
  • Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization "To create, modify, and implement a watershed management plan to allow local governments within the watershed to work together for the purposes of accessing dollars, cost savings, cost sharing, and efficiency of activities among municipalities. This plan when completed will prioritize water quality problems and solutions. The Intermunicipal Organization will provide direction for the regional planning boards and other staff, and oversee the entire project." [April 07 RENewsletter]
  • Pathways to a Sustainable World -Conference on Sustainability - April 13, 14 University of Rochester - "This conference will bring the greater Rochester community together to explore critical issues in creating a truly sustainable world. Communication and education are essential to understand the challenges we face to create the world we want. The conference will highlight inspiring talks by innovators proposing solutions across a wide range of areas, including education, ecology, economics, social policy, arts, and science. It specifically aims to support positive change at the local and regional level, strengthening community and encouraging local economies. It will be a forum for discussion and interaction in which we will share our knowledge and skills, and be inspired and motivated towards creating a genuinely sustainable world. [March 07 RENewsletter]
  • The Nature Conservancy - Protecting nature, preserving life The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working to protect the most ecologically important lands and waters around the world for nature and people.  For our area, check out The Nature Conservancy in New York - Central & Western New York --- [February 07 RENewsletter]
  • RochesterAlliance.org  When you join this e-mail based EVENT/ACTION ANNOUNCEMENT listserv you will be part of a growing community of activists that share important EVENTS & ACTIONS around our community with each other. The “Rochester” ANNOUNCE email list is a web network of activists committed to sharing information about upcoming EVENTS/ACTIONS. The moderator passes event information on to literally HUNDREDS of local activists like you! It’s easy to join. Just click here and write: subscribe ANNOUNCE and then write your name or nickname or handle in the subject or body of the message. All three elements must be in the body of the message or the subscription request will not be accepted. Learn more about the “Rochester” ANNOUNCE list by clicking here. Details Rochester List. [January 07 RENewsletter]


  • RochesterBirding: Welcome to the Web Home of the Rochester Birding Association, located in Rochester, NY. Our mission is to enable residents of the Greater Rochester Area to gain a fuller appreciation of the region's birds and its birding. [December 06 RENewsletter]
  • Friends With Feathers A not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about Birds of Prey -The Friends with Feathers aviary is home to birds of prey that can not be released into the wild (due to an injury or defect) and are available for educational programs in ecology and conservation. [November 2006 RENewsletter]
  • The Cayuga Bird Club (CBC), founded in 1913, provides its members and the community at large with opportunities to learn about birds, local birding localities, and the environment. CBC membership is composed of a diverse group of people from various professions and backgrounds, whose common bond is a keen interest in the observation and preservation of bird life. CBC field trips and monthly meetings offer members a chance to meet socially and to focus on a topic or locality of interest. Most field trips visit areas within the Cayuga Lake Basin, although the club regularly visits places farther afield, such as Amherst Island, Ontario; Niagara Falls, New York; and Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania. Lectures and presentations offered at the monthly club meetings draw from the great variety of professional and amateur researchers at the Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University, and Ithaca College, as well as the local community.  [October 2006 RENewsletter]
  • Friends of Webster Trails To manage and promote wild areas, trails and linear parks in partnership with the Town of Webster for educations and recreational purposes. [September 2006 RENewsletter]
  • Animal Service League  Founded in 1953, the Animal Service League is an all-volunteer organization concerned with the rescue, care and welfare of homeless domestic animals in the Rochester New York area. Cats, dogs, birds and other domestic animals in need of shelter and veterinary help are cared for until they can be restored to their original owners or new homes found. No animal is ever destroyed for lack of a permanent home. The animals are cared for on a temporary basis in our Haven Homes until they are ready to be placed in a permanent home. When available for adoption, the animals are shown at "Adoption Day" events held most weekends at various area merchants. This web site and our business line (585) 234-7275 can give you the exact times and locations for these events. [August 2006 RENewsletter]
  • Citizen's Environmental Coalition: Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (CEC) was founded in 1983 by people living with the legacy of toxic pollution. They were united in the belief that no child should be born with toxic chemicals in their body, and began to use their collective grassroots power to influence statewide policy, with a mission to eliminate toxic pollution from homes, workplaces, schools and communities by empowering people. Twenty years later, CEC has grown into 110 community, labor, faith-based, youth, health and environmental groups and over 14,000 individuals throughout New York State with offices in Albany and Buffalo. We serve as the nexus of local communities, statewide policy discussions and national collaborations. [July 2006 RENewsletter]
  • Adopt-A-Stream Delta Laboratories, Inc. , 1820 East Ave, Rochester , NY 14610 (716) 242-2400, Adopt-A-Stream is an interdisciplinary program where teachers and students adopt a waterway and do chemical, physical, biological and microbiological testing to determine water quality. Teachers can select any projects and activities from the Teacher's Guide that best meet their students' capabilities, and materials available to the teacher. Some teachers find that enlisting a community cosponsor to aid them in their efforts is quite valuable. [April 2006 RENewsletter]