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Honeoye Lake Honeoye Lake: "Tenth in size among the eleven Finger Lakes, Honeoye Lake is located 28 miles south of Rochester in southwestern Ontario County." -NYS DEC .

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Honeoye Lake NewsLinks

It's important to monitor the health of our Finger Lakes, which is a part of our regions environmental health.


  • State lists Honeoye Lake on list for blue-green algae The state lists Honeoye Lake as having “small-localized” evidence of blue green algae based on a visual check of the lake Sept. 15.  The state Department of Environmental Conservation lists Honeoye Lake as having “small-localized” evidence of blue green algae. The state based its assessment on a visual check of the lake on Sept. 15. (September 20, 2014) Daily Messenger [more on Honeoye Lake and Water Quality in our area]

  • Algae report: Good news for Honeoye Lake users  RICHMOND — A report from the state Department of Environmental Conservation on the status of blue-green algae in the lake bodes well for local recreation programs that take advantage of the lake, including the Richmond program, which uses Honeoye Lake for its swim lessons. After the DEC’s report on June 27, based on lab samples, listed the lake as having a widespread blue-green algae bloom, the report of June 30 based on a visual sampling stated the algae status was “suspicious” and “small localized.” Richmond Recreation Director Holly Stoddard stressed that they have not had blue-green algae, the toxic form of algae, at the beach in Honeoye since the original report that the blue-green algae was widespread. She said she works closely with the New York State Department of Health to ensure that the water is safe to swim in. The Richmond Recreation Program, which began on June 30, provides an opportunity for around 130 children to get Red Cross-certified swimming lessons, take field trips to local businesses such as Roseland Waterpark and Seabreeze Amusement Park; and participate in Bristol Town Park Days, when the kids make crafts and plays games such as kickball. (July 8, 2014) Daily Messenger [more on Water Quality and Honeoye Lake in our area]

  • Blue-green algae widespread in Honeoye Lake Blue-green algae is widespread in Honeoye Lake according to the latest sampling of waterways by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.The state Department of Environmental Conservation on Friday reported Honeoye Lake as having widespread blue-green algae. Honeoye Lake was among the newest listings for algae blooms in 14 waterways statewide. Honeoye joins the following waterways with confirmed widespread blue-green algae: Big Reed Pond and Lake Agawam in Suffolk County; and Central Park Lake in New York City. (June 27, 2014) Daily Messenger [more on Honeoye Lake and Water Quality in our area]


  • Redbeard Feast cancelled due to blue-green algae in Honeoye Lake A popular festival that happens every year on Labor Day at Honeyoe Lake has been cancelled because of dangerous toxins in blue-green algae. News10NBC has been been following the impact the algae is having on the lake since last month. (August 14, 2013) WHEC [more on Honeoye Lake and Water Quality in our area]

  • Honeoye Lake debate rages on When the blue-green algae reared its ugly head again this summer on Honeoye Lake, the all-too familiar menace again riled lake homeowners and others with close ties to the lake. While troubles this year bear resemblance to past seasons — think 2010, 2002, and blooms that made headlines as far back as the 1940s and '50s — this year experts and average observers alike are taking a closer look. It has generated debate, fueled social media hype and put Honeoye Lake at the forefront of a campaign to “fix it.” At the center of the debate is what should be done, if anything. “There is over 200 years worth of pollution on the bottom of the lake, and it would take an ice age to remove it,” said Bruce Gilman, professor of environmental conservation and horticulture at Finger Lakes Community College. (August 7, 2013) MPNnow.com [more on Honeoye Lake and Water Quality in our area]

  • Toxins Confirmed in Honeoye Lake Health officials are asking people to stay out of Honeoye Lake after tests revealed high levels of toxins. WXXI's LeShea Agne (August 2, 2013) WXXI News [more on Honeoye Lake and Water Quality in our area]




  • It's that bloomin' algae again - Rochester, NY - MPNnow Richmond, N.Y. - Richmond Town Supervisor Randall Pawley and Canadice Town Supervisor Bonnie Drake want folks around Honeoye Lake to know that even though the lake is experiencing an algae bloom, last year’s alum treatment may still doing the job it was meant to do: absorbing phosphorus in the lake-bottom sediments. (August 10, 07) Messenger Post Newspapers

  • City water keeps flowing as well cleanup proceeds — About 2,000 Ontario County residents who used wells shut down last month after a banned contaminant was detected will continue to use the city of Rochester's water supply while the cleanup continues. Residents in the town of Richmond had been using the wells and now get water from Hemlock Lake. The wells were shut down on May 8 after water samples collected by the state Health Department detected methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) in Honeoye District No. 2 Well, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation. (June 8, 2007) Democrat & Chronicle

  • MPNnow.com: Digging in Richmond State officials have been working almost daily to determine the extent of pollution that has tainted one of the town's wells. RICHMOND — State officials will give residents an update Wednesday on their investigation of a Richmond town well polluted with a gasoline additive. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of Honeoye Central School, 8528 Route 20A. (June 5, 07) Messenger Post Newspapers

  • MPNnow.com: Algae-busters to take another crack at Honeoye Lake - A company hired to spray the water with alum ran into problems last fall. HONEOYE — More alum will have to be spread in Honeoye Lake this spring to combat the algae that causes the water to cloud and smell bad on hot summer days. Thomas Harvey of the Ontario County Planning Department told the Canadice and Richmond town boards last week that the application last September was 80 percent successful. ( (Jan 25, 2007) MPNnow.com: Local News


  • Weedy waters of summer gone but not forgotten HONEOYE — The overgrowth of weeds and algae on Honeoye Lake may have subsided for the season, but two local lake groups are working to make sure the problem doesn't get worse next summer. (December 2, 2002) Daily Messenger

  • GOVERNOR ANNOUNCES PRESERVATION OF 2,000 ACRES ON HONEOYE LAKE Acquisitions Will Protect Habitat and Water Quality, Expand Recreational Opportunities  Governor George E. Pataki today announced an agreement to acquire three parcels totaling nearly 2,000 acres along the south end of Honeoye Lake in the Finger Lakes region of Ontario and Livingston counties, protecting fish and wildlife and providing additional recreational opportunities on these scenic lands. "With a diverse mixture of wetlands, forests and meadows, these parcels on Honeoye Lake offer a perfect opportunity for families to enjoy a full outdoor experience," Governor Pataki said. "By preserving these lands, we are protecting important habitats and natural resources, preserving the Honeoye Lake Watershed and enhancing the quality of life in our Finger Lakes communities." The State will acquire the three parcels from The Nature Conservancy using $1.1 million in funds from the 1996 Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act and the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF). The parcels, including two formerly owned by the Muller family, will be managed by the State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) as the Honeoye Inlet Wildlife Management Area and will be open to the public once the land transfer deals are completed. (October 16, 2002) Press Releases 2002

  • Honeoye Lake residents upset about odor coming from lake - People who live along the north end of Honeoye Lake say they are being forced into their homes by an unwelcome stench. The problem: a buildup of algae and weeds. But can anything be done to help? (August 31, 2002) MSNBC Local News


  • Canadice picks potential well sites The town will go it alone after an effort to expand public water with the town of Richmond collapsed. CANADICE - Town officials have picked potential sites for a well to supply water to homes along Honeoye Lake. (Friday, November 16, 2001) Daily Messenger

  • Roadside cleanup set to begin  Volunteers are always needed, organizers said. HONEOYE — Along with flowers starting to poke through the ground and birds singing another sign of spring is the annual roadside cleanup in the towns of Richmond, the hamlet of Honeoye, and Canadice. ( April 17, 2001) Daily Messenger. 

  • Canadice survey shows most are satisfied with water quality.  The group would have been included in an extension of the municipal water district proposed last year. CANADICE — Results of a survey on water quality are trickling in.  (February 21, 2001) Daily Messenger

  • Canadice to rule on FLCC plans The college plans to set up an area for nature studies on the south end of Honeoye Lake. CANADICE -- The Canadice Planning Board will hold hearings tonight on plans to make wetlands and forest at the south end of Honeoye Lake available for nature studies.  (January 23, 2001) Daily Messenger


  • Otters Released At Honeoye Lake Honeoye Lake, NY - A large crowd gathered at Honeoye Lake Sunday to welcome some new neighbors.  (November 4, 2000) 

  • Hundreds gather for otter release Seven otters were released at Honeoye Lake yesterday as part of a project to re-establish the population in central and western New York. (November 4, 2000) Daily Messenger. 

  • Woman a real friend of nature Developer's widow gives 700 acres to environmental group CANADICE, N.Y. -- The valley south of Honeoye Lake is about as unsullied by humans as western New York gets, with one of the largest oak and hickory forests in the state and a serenading chorus of crickets and tree frogs. (September 21, 2000) DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE

  • Conservancy gets largest land donation Update: With a few signatures Wednesday morning, the Nature Conservancy took possession of its largest-ever land gift _ 700 acres south of Honeoye Lake in Ontario County. (September 20, 2000) DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE

  • Richmond continues water search A plan to expand water lines in Richmond and Canadice ran dry last month. RICHMOND -- The Town Board voted last week to conduct further research into expanding the municipal water lines, despite the defeat last month of a proposal to tie into the city of Rochester water line. (September 19, 2000) Canandaigua.com

  • Nature preserve may quadruple in size The Finger Lakes Land Trust is seeking grants for a series of purchases. RICHMOND -- The Finger Lakes Land Trust has plans to more than quadruple the size of the Wesley Hill Nature Preserve, which was established last spring. (September 17, 2000) Messenger Post

  • Honeoye Lake's changing landscape: Calm before the clutter Mooing cows on nearby farms once served as alarm clocks for summer cottages --Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. 

  • Flies draw world to Naples; residents say, buzz off  NAPLES, N.Y. (June 27, 2000) -- If you went by Scottish newspaper accounts, the moon over the town of Naples became blood red and nearby Honeoye Lake boiled. (June 27, 2000) - -DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE


Resources for Honeoye Lake

If you live near Honeoye Lake perhaps one of these resources can be a way for you to become involved with your lake's health. 

  • Honeoye Valley Association The Honeoye Valley Association is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that works in a variety of ways to protect and preserve the environmental quality of the Honeoye Lake watershed.
  • Honeoye Lake Tenth in size among the eleven Finger Lakes, Honeoye Lake is located 28 miles south of Rochester in southwestern Ontario County. -- NYS DEC  Region 8
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