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Our Environment is changing: Keep up with the Change. *Note: Henceforth 'environment' means "our life support system."

Rochester, NY was one of the hosts of the World Canal Conference on September 19, 2010.

If it deals with the environment, Rochester, New York, and the Internet, it's here.

Adapting to and mitigating Climate Change in a way that sustains all life while striving to do so equitably is the defining issue of our time.  How we comport ourselves during this historic trial by fire will reveal our true nature.

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Since 1998, RochesterEnvironment.com has been an ongoing experiment to completely inform one community [Rochester, NY] of all its environmental Newslinks, Events, Daily Updates, Resources, Environmental Education, regional Climate Change, and Environmental Issues. Green Apps, and more...    * Please read this carefully, it's not the usual Yada Yada

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RochesterEnvironment.com – This is site a free media resource to encourage public dialogue on local environmental issues, a local newspaper devoted to a single community’s environment, an archive of Environmental News to capture a proper sense of time in which environmental issues transpire, and an attempt to frame environmental issues free of corporate, governmental, and any ideology.  Sustainability, connecting the dots of our environmental information, rules.  Understanding that all of our local Environmental Issues now must be interpreted in the context of Climate Change, which will be continually moving the bar on the state of our environment, is critical for our survival.  We Don't Get It!

The great conundrum of our times is that in a time of rapidly occurring Climate Change and a rapid disintegration of the environment that we need to thrive and survive, mainstream media still marginalizes environmental concerns. [Check often for this continually updated list on the possible consequences of Climate Change in our region--supported by facts.] If there isn’t a quick and substantial change in how environmental concerns are reported, edited, and chosen in mainstream media, the public will continue to believe that environmental concerns are merely special interest matters, issues they can avoid if they choose.  How can we inform the public and monitor our environment without abridging our Freedoms--in enough time to save ourselves?   Bookmark This Site

All of us, says President Obama, must take responsibility in getting the message out on Climate Change. Remarks by the President on Climate Change “Understand this is not just a job for politicians.  So I'm going to need all of you to educate your classmates, your colleagues, your parents, your friends.  Tell them what’s at stake.  Speak up at town halls, church groups, PTA meetings.  Push back on misinformation.  Speak up for the facts.  Broaden the circle of those who are willing to stand up for our future. Convince those in power to reduce our carbon pollution.  Push your own communities to adopt smarter practices.  Invest.  Divest.  Remind folks there's no contradiction between a sound environment and strong economic growth.  And remind everyone who represents you at every level of government that sheltering future generations against the ravages of climate change is a prerequisite for your vote.  Make yourself heard on this issue.” (June 25, 2013)  The White House Blog | Your acquaintances were watching a non-media network like FOX and missed Obama’s Climate Change talk?  Send them here: President Obama Speaks on Climate Change "Published on Jun 25, 2013 President Obama lays out his vision for a comprehensive plan to reduce carbon pollution, prepare our country for the impacts of climate change, and lead global efforts to fight it. June 25, 2013. "

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Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.-- Carl Sagan


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Rochester area NewsLinks.

NewsLinks: Get the most important environmental news of the day and monitor your environment daily.  Also: Get Newslinks since 1998… Unlike other news, environmental news often takes time to reach our attention. Follow potential problems and catch them before they're catastrophes.


Today's Rochester-Area Environmental News:

My hope is that you will read these stories and connect them to the world we now live in, one that is warming because of Climate Change.  Then pass these stories to those you are connected to and have them spread the word.  Mainstream media is either unwilling or incapable of reporting responsibly and adequately on a world that is warming, which is why many still don’t understand the vast changes we must make to adapt and mitigate Climate Change. 

To be sure you have the latest News, refresh your browser, or Ctrl +R.  

News Highlight

Earth Week in Rochester is not just for environmentalists                                                                                                          

by Frank J. Regan

“Photo by Frank J. Regan: "

The 10-days of Earth Week in Rochester, NY (highlighted by a two-day appearance of world renowned climate scientist and activist Dr. Hansen) is mostly for those who still don’t ‘get’ Climate Change. Environmentalists already know that our local community and the world at large is warming; that our way of life, our infrastructures, and our public health are in danger by not acting on Climate Change. It’s not too late to act, but it’s getting there. After a certain point, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will be simply scurrying around trying to adapt to a warming that won’t stop. The threshold where we can actually stop that warming is coming to a point of singularity, a point where all the countries of the world will decide to keep greenhouse gases below 2C (or 3.6F) above preindustrial averages at the COP21 Paris Climate Treaty in December—or they won’t. If they don’t, the ride is going to get very rough.

Rochester’s environmentalists are making a fantastic attempt to wake up the rest of our community on Climate Change this critical year. These efforts will be a great big waste if only the converted show up—as is what usually happens on Earth Day. ROCHESTER NY EARTH WEEK 2015, from Friday, April 17, 2015 to Monday, April 27th, includes: Fast Forward Film Festival (check this out, it’s really neat); Pachamana’s Awakening the Dreamer-Changing the Dream Symposium; Climate Science 101, with Dr. Susan Spencer; Dr. Hansen speaks to our community on WXXI (PBS) Connections; “Science in Film Series: Future Weather” screening at the Little Theater (with a Q&A afterwards with Dr. Hansen); Dr. Hansen speaks at a featured talk at Sierra Club Forum at MCC; RISK–Rochester “Introducing Sustainability to Kids”; “Climate Activism 101”; "Mothers Out Front Drinks"; “Ask and Activist” panel discussion; an “Interfaith Celebration of our Planet: Renewing Our Commitment to the Earth and its Inhabitants through Prayer and Song’; “Talking With Kids About Climate Change”, and a Citizens’ Climate Lobby Open Meeting (which means, ya’ll are invited).

Demonstrate that you care about our environment and addressing Climate Change by getting a non-environmentalist to come to at least one of these events.   Filling these events with only a couple of hundred local environmentalists won’t fix a problem like Climate Change. Only when our community at large comes and engages this issue in force will we have a chance of addressing it. At its core, Climate Change is a real (physical) world issue, not one of ideology or faith. We’re not selling anything—it’s a crisis.   more...

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Green Business.

Green Business - We are working on finding Green Jobs for our area.  As always, we will post anything we can dip up on finding employment for people who want to sustain themselves and the planet at the same time.

Here's the Latest on Green Business News for the Rochester, NY area:

  • EPA Funding Helps Businesses in Upstate New York Prevent Pollution; $268,000 Will Help Small and Medium-Sized Companies The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $268,383 to organizations in New York to fund projects that will help small and medium-sized businesses reduce pollution. These grants were awarded to the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute and Empire State Development. “EPA helps businesses reduce the use of toxic materials, save energy, protect human health and save money,” said Regional Administrator Judith A. Enck. “The strategy is simple: it’s always better not to generate waste in the first place. It’s better for the environment and it’s better for a company’s bottom line.”  (November 10, 2014) EPA News Releases from Region 2 [ more on Green Business in our area]

  • You’re a student wanting a career in Sustainability or you’re and industry that wants to be more sustainable- meet at Climate Corps. “EDF Climate Corps is the premier fellowship program from Environmental Defense Fund. We recruit and train top graduate students and embed them in leading organizations to provide expert hands-on support for your energy management initiatives.”

  • NY reports 7 deals for clean energy projects ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New York officials say they have reached agreements in principle to finance seven clean energy projects with a dozen banks and investment firms and the state's new NY Green Bank. They hope to close deals this year that would lead to more than $800 million invested in solar energy, cogeneration and energy-efficiency. The goal is a 575,000-ton annual reduction in carbon dioxide by generating and using energy in ways that reduce pollution and burning fossil fuels. (October 23, 2014) North Country Public Radio [more on Green Business in our area]
  • Rochester company awarded funding to develop solar technology A Rochester company has been awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to go towards solar energy development, according to officials. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's office says Intrinsiq Materials Incorporated, a nanotechnology leader in printable electronic ink, has been awarded $450,000. (October 22, 2014) WHEC [more on Solar Power and Green Business in our area]

Event Highlight

   Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club’s Earth Day forum for 2015


When: Tuesday, April 21 6:30-8:30pm

Where: The Theater (Building 4) at Monroe Community College, 1000 East Henrietta Road (Route 15A) Rochester, NY 14623

World renowned climate scientist and activist and author, Dr. Hansen has agreed to speak the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club’s Earth Day forum for 2015, Tuesday April 21st, 2015.

Former NASA scientist and Climate Change expert Dr. James Hansen speak at the local Sierra Club’s annual environmental forum, to be held at Monroe Community College. 

Please spread the word! Send the links around.    

Top Ten Things You Can Do for Rochester’s Environment .

This list assumes you are ready to take responsibility (as a member of the only species capable of doing so) for your presence at this critical time in our planet’s history.  And, it isn’t about just your personal fulfillment thing—our environment isn’t politics, religion, a fad, or a cause; it’s science all the way down. Pollute the planet, stuff happens.  Finally, in order for the effects of this list to be effective a lot (I mean billions) of humans need to do them too.  In the deepest practical sense, everything you do (where you live, what you eat, what you buy, what you throw away) matters to our environment. Ready folks, here we go:

  • Be engaged with the issues surrounding our local environment by monitoring the media, books, reports, and the Internet using the laws of Nature as your guide to monitor how our lifestyle is affecting our environment.
  • When you consume anything--food, water, cars, gadgets, whatever—do so as though you were demonstrating how to consume for the rest of the world—considering the lifecycle of the products you buy, how they are made, how they are used, and how you get rid of them.
  • When you have someplace to go, consider all your options in order of their affect on our environment: walking, biking, car-pooling, mass transit, and lastly a personal vehicle. 
  • Conserve energy until we find a non-polluting, renewable energy source.
  • Vote. If you’re doing good for our environment and your representative in government doesn’t get it, you’re just making yourself feel good without much effect.
  • Recycle, reuse and encourage your local government to create a place where recycling just about everything is the norm.
  • Think twice before using toxic chemicals that make your yard look like a golf course and your house like a hospital.
  • Consider other species (plants and animals) and their role in sustaining our environment.  Our environment, our life support system, IS plants and animals and soil. When they don’t function neither will we.
  • Adopt green business practices: your business will save our environment and be able to compete with the rest of the world.
  • Communicate your concerns about the state of our environment to everyone. Sustainability isn’t going to work unless everyone gets on board quickly.    Encourage all your news sources to have an environmental section daily and help move environmental investigations and news to mainstream media.


350.org is an international campaign that's building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis—the solutions that science and justice demand. Our mission is to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis—to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet.  


Green Events.

RochesterEnvironment.com Environmental Calendar is the longest running and most comprehensive environmental calendar for our area. Got an environment event? Contact me and I'll get it listed.

Here are some events coming up soon & lots more...    

April 2015

  • April 17, 2015 - April 27, 2015
  • Selected entries will be screened at the Little Theatre to kick off Earth Week on April 17, 2015. Category winners will be screened at the Dryden Theatre at the George Eastman House on April 18, 2015.
    • Fast Forward Film Festival Showcasing New Environmental Perspectives Presented by WXXI/Little Theatre, George Eastman House, RIT,  and the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute The Fast Forward Film Festival invites residents in the greater Rochester area to submit independent short films (5 minutes or less) that inspire a deeper connection to the environment. As an incubator for innovative thinking and artistic expression, FFFF encourages films that tap into the local experience, compel audiences to engage with the community, and raise environmental awareness. An acclaimed jury will review the films and select winners who will receive a $1,000 cash prize for each of these categories: (1) most inspiring, compelling, and engaging, (2) most unique perspective, (3) strongest call to action. Submission deadline is February 27, 2015 "" Click here to down load the flyer and help distribute Fast Forward Film Festival
  • April 17, 2015 "The Links" E. Syracuse, New York
  • April 19, 2015, 1-5 pm The Otto Schults  Center,  Nazareth College  FREE, but please register
    • Celebrate Earth Week 2015 and  discover the hope, connections and creative potential in these troubling times.   Attend  Awakening the Dreamer-Changing the Dream Symposium: an experience to inspire action toward the more sustainable, just and fulfilling world our hearts know is possible. This  symposium is in our area:  April 19, 2015, 1-5 pm The Otto Schults  Center,  Nazareth College  FREE, but please register at: Here. Questions? Contact Nancy at (315)-587-9349
  • Monday, April 20,   10 am    Harris Whalen Park, Penfield
    • "Early Spring Wildflowers"  Monday, April 20,   10 am    Harris Whalen Park, Penfield       Burroughs Audubon Nature Club   http://www.bancny.org/     Take an easy walk into the woods in Harris Whalen Park, one of Monroe County's best places to enjoy the earliest spring wildflowers such as Bloodroot, Spring Beauty, Trillium and Troutlily. Meet at the top of the hill. The park entrance is on the north side of Rt. 441 across from Wegmans, just west of the intersection of Rts. 441 and 250.   Contact: Joanne, 377-8549. www.facebook.com/BANC.roc
  • Tuesday, April 21, 6:30-8:30pm. The Theater (Building 4) at Monroe Community College, 1000 East Henrietta Road (Route 15A) Rochester, NY 14623.
    • Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club’s Earth Day forum for 2015  DR. JAMES HANSEN : CLIMATE, ENERGY, AND INTERGENERATIONAL JUSTICE When: Tuesday, April 21 6:30-8:30pm Where: The Theater (Building 4) at Monroe Community College, 1000 East Henrietta Road (Route 15A) Rochester, NY 14623 World renowned climate scientist and activist and author, Dr. Hansen has agreed to speak the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club’s Earth Day forum for 2015, Tuesday April 21st, 2015. Former NASA scientist and Climate Change expert Dr. James Hansen speak at the local Sierra Club’s annual environmental forum, to be held at Monroe Community College.  Please spread the word! Send the links around. Also, please consider posting this flyer about the even in places where allowed.
  • April 24-26, 2015 | at Braddock Bay Park, on East Manitour Road, Greece, NY  
    • Bird of Prey Days 2015 Braddock Bay Raptor Research (BBRR) is proud to present our 27th annual Bird of Prey Days, to be held at Braddock Bay Park, near Rochester, New York. This park, located on the south shore of Lake Ontario, lies right in the path of 17 species of raptors and vultures as they travel from their wintering grounds to their spring nesting areas.  Each spring, this location is witness to huge kettles of Broad-winged hawks, Turkey vultures, and Sharp-shinned hawks.  Each season, our official counter tallies hundreds of Bald Eagles and Red-shouldered hawks, our licensed raptor banders capture hundreds of Red-tailed and Cooper’s hawks, and our volunteers troll the woods counting Northern Saw-whet and Long-eared owls at this “rest-stop” before continuing their migration All detail are on this flyer.
  • Saturday, April 25th, 2015 9am-noon
    • Great opportunity to join your friends and groups and neighbors to help clean up our parks at the annual event. "The 6th annual Pick Up the Parks Event  is scheduled for Saturday, April 25th, 2015 9am-noon (Cleanup in all Monroe County-managed Parks) noon-2pm (Thank You Picnic in Olmsted Lodge at Highland Park) Join Cascades Recovery and the Monroe County Department of Parks, along with many local recreation and environmental groups for “Pick Up the Parks.”  This event is designed to foster stewardship of our *21 parks and 12,000 acres within.  We are all stewards of the great outdoors, so we encourage you to do your part to keep our parks, our waterways, and watersheds clean and green."

May 2015

  • May 2 at Frontier Field
    • Rochester, NY’s ‘Clean Sweep’ is coming up on May 2nd. This very successful City clean-up program is great time to demonstrate your love of Rochester. Clean Sweep - 2015 Help Rochester sparkle at Clean Sweep The City of Rochester is partnering with the Rochester Red Wings to host a one-day, all-city Clean Sweep, starting 8 a..m. Saturday, May 2 at Frontier Field (map). The first 4,000 volunteers participating in Clean Sweep will receive a free ticket to that day’s baseball game, which starts at 1:05 p.m. that afternoon. A light breakfast will be provided along with a food voucher at the game. Free parking will be available. Groups and individuals may register to volunteer for Clean Sweep using the online form below,  or by calling 311 (428-5990 if calling from outside of city limits).  Additional details of this year’s Clean Sweep will be announced at a later date. Rochester, NY.
  • Saturday, May 2, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Montezuma Audubon Center (MAC), located on State Route 89, Savannah, NY
    • Montezuma Audubon Center’s 9th Annual Wildlife Festival on Saturday, May 2 Will Help Birds in a Changing Climate  There will be something for everyone at the Montezuma Audubon Center’s 9th Annual Wildlife Festival in Savannah, NY on Saturday, May 2nd from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Institute for Environmental Learning, Kindred Kingdoms Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and Wildlife Defenders will deliver animal programs throughout the day that will feature owls, hawks, “Liberty the Bald Eagle”, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The non-releasable animals will be on display during programs that will focus on their wild characteristics, rehabilitation and conservation. Everyone will have a chance to get their picture taken with “Liberty”.   Another highlight of the festival will be the Children’s Theater and Activity Tent where award-winning entertainer Lydia Adams Davis will perform nature-related puppet shows that are sure to inspire and Lois Sprague will entertain festive goers with balloon animals. John James Audubon will also make a special appearance to talk about his life as an artist and conservationist. Children will also enjoy the huge bounce house, making nature crafts and stained glass art, building a bluebird box, and answering wildlife trivia. Wildlife enthusiasts can fish their way to the backyard bass game and then fly over to see the dragons from the pond.   The theme for the Wildlife Festival is Helping Birds in a Changing Climate. Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change Report indicates that nearly half of our birds are threatened or endangered as a result of climate change. We are seeing the impacts of climate change already, however, we can prevent the worst effects of climate change if we act now. The Wildlife Festival will provide visitors with information on how they can protect birds by creating backyard habitats for birds and reduce their personal carbon footprints.   The festival schedule also includes artisan vendors, guided bird watching and canoeing excursions, a native plant sale, a garlic mustard pulling contest, country music from 103.5 FM Big Dog Country, acoustic music from Tom Barnes, delicious food, ice cream and baked goods, wildlife exhibitors and much more! The cost to attend the festival is $4/adult, $2/child 5 and older, FREE for children 4 and younger.  For more information, call 315.365.3588, visit http://ny.audubon.org/montezuma or e-mail montezuma@audubon.org.
  • Wednesday, May 6   Baltimore Woods Nature Center, 4007 Bishop Hill Road, Marcellus  
    • "Wildflowers of Baltimore Woods"  Wednesday, May 6   Baltimore Woods Nature Center, 4007 Bishop Hill Road, Marcellus  Meet at Bushnell's Basin Park and Ride lot at the Rt. 96 exit of I-490 eastbound, at 9 am for carpooling. Burroughs Audubon Nature Club   http://www.bancny.org/  On this all-day outing to Baltimore Woods, explore several woodland trails with abundant ferns and spring wildflowers.  The mature hardwood forests, fields, and streams at the 180-acre Nature Center support a rich diversity of plant life. Driving time from Bushnell's Basin to Baltimore Woods is about one hour.  Bring binoculars, lunch, water, a folding chair, and a camera, if you like.  Contact: Carol or David, 383-8168 www.facebook.com/BANC.roc


Center for Environmental Initiatives (CEI) is working for environmental protection and enhanced quality of life in the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region through education, collaboration and informed action.


ACTION highlight

Take Action on 'Climate Smart Communities':

Pound for pound, getting community leaders to pledge to the state’s ‘Climate Smart Communities’ program is one of the most effective things people can do to address Climate Change. Take action! It’s all spelled out for you here:

Take Action on 'Climate Smart Communities':

New York State's Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program supports municipalities as they identify, plan and carry out projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and prepare for the challenges climate change will bring. This program provides resources that enable localities to act on climate, without mandating which programs or policies they should adopt.  

Green Action.

ACTION: Often, I receive requests to pass on alerts, petitions, Public Comments on local environmental issues needing action by the Rochester Community and around the world.  

  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Been wondering how your group can help our environment? Help monitor our Water Quality by being Citizen Scientists. “Citizen Science is a vital fast-growing field in which scientific investigations are conducted by volunteers.” Learn more, get training, get equipment, get started. EPA Region 2 Citizen Science |  Equipment Loan Program [PDF 437 KB, 5 pp] Apply for the Region 2 Citizen Science equipment Loan Program [PDF 318 KB, 2 pp] Citizen Science is a vital fast-growing field in which scientific investigations are conducted by volunteers.  Individuals and community groups have long collected data to better understand their local environment and address issues of concern to them.  Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of citizen science projects as tools have advanced and people have become more empowered.  These projects have been remarkably successful in expanding scientific knowledge, raising people’s awareness of their environment, and leveraging change. EPA Region 2
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • President Obama, please stop 'game over' dirty tars sands fossil fuel so we can get going on adapting to and mitigating Climate Change. Everyone, please sign this petition. Sign the petition to President Obama
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • SIGN THE PETITION: Voice your opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a disastrous trade agreement designed to protect the interests of the largest multi-national corporations at the expense of workers, consumers, the environment and the foundations of American democracy. It will also negatively impact some of the poorest people in the world. The TPP is a treaty that has been written behind closed doors by the corporate world. Incredibly, while Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry and major media companies have full knowledge as to what is in this treaty, the American people and members of Congress do not. They have been locked out of the process. Further, all Americans, regardless of political ideology, should be opposed to the “fast track” process which would deny Congress the right to amend the treaty and represent their constituents’ interests. (December 30, 2014) Senator Bernie Sanders
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Got thoughts on how our local transportation infrastructure should adapt to Climate Change—more flooding and heat? Consider filling out this latest survey by our local transportation authority on transportation in our future with Climate Change in mind.   "The Genesee Transportation Council (GTC) conducted an initial survey in Summer/Fall 2014 on transportation opportunities and issues facing the nine-county Genesee-Finger Lakes Region and received a significant amount of input. Thank you!   A second survey is now being conducted that will provide GTC with additional information on preferred transportation alternatives. Please take a few minutes and complete LRTP 2040 Survey #2. "
  • ACTION: Due Date NOW!
    • Please sign this petition: Sign the petition: Stop NPR from gutting its climate coverageAs tax-paying citizens of the USA, whose government supplies 4.6% of NPR’s income (and 39% from individual contributors), we insist that you restore your climate reporting team—or rather, actually increase it. At this critical juncture, with the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris is coming up where our leaders need to act on Climate Change, our public needs more day-to-day, accessible, and thorough coverage. NPR’s reasoning that “because so many other staffers cover the subject, along with their other beats”, it’s OK to gut your climate reporting teams ignores the fact that so many Americans are uninformed about an issue that requires long-term planning and public support for long-term adaptation strategies as noted in most climate plans and studies. more...
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • New York State needs a clear and enforceable climate action plan so we can prepare our state for damage to our public health, our water, waste, transportation, telecommunications infrastructures and agriculture.  This cannot be done ad hoc, or just with grants, or just using the market forces.  Properly planning for something as pervasive as Climate Change needs top-down direction from our leaders.  Urge Governor Cuomo to Develop a Climate Action Plan "Governor Cuomo,  The world is changing. New York communities have been caught devastated by the growing climate crisis, suffering through hurricanes and other extreme weather events. World leaders, assembled by the United Nations for a summit on the climate crisis, have recognized the need to act now to protect communities worldwide from the ravages of climate change, and to create an economy that works for the people and the planet.  Governor, you’ve already made a commitment to an 80 percent reduction in carbon pollution by 2050. We applaud you for this. We ask that you articulate your plan for getting us there. It is time for you to take the bold step to pull our state out of the dirty energy ways of the past and to move us forward with energy sources that are clean, healthy and beneficial for all New Yorkers.  We, the undersigned are asking your administration to seize the moment by creating a climate action plan for New York. We believe that without such a plan, piecemeal efforts to offset or mitigate the hazards of climate change will too little and too late. New York should be a clean energy leader, and a leader in cutting climate-altering pollution. We are calling on you to prepare a plan to fight climate change, keep our communities safe, and move New York away from the dirty fossil fuels of the past.  Sincerely, " from Environmental Advocates of New York
  • ACTION: Due Date NOW!
    • Support cleaning up the Genesee River. CEI has entered the Genesee RiverWatch into the Ready to Roc video contest. You can support our efforts and help us win by going to this page and voting for our video.  Learn more about the Genesee RiverWatch here.
  • ACTION: Due Date Now!
  • ACTION: Due Date NOW!
    • No Ginna Bailout “Ginna, Looking for a Handout”  “In June, 2014, nuclear company Exelon announced that its Ginna nuclear reactor in Wayne County is losing millions of dollars and will close unless the Public Service Commission forces ratepayers to pay more money to keep the plant open. If Exelon gets its way, Rochester-area ratepayers would be on the hook to help Ginna become profitable again by digging into their own pockets! Sound outrageous? We think so, too, and we are organizing to keep Ginna from getting this bailout. The Public Service Commission needs to hear from you. Submit a comment here: --from Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE)
  • ACTION: Due Date NOW!
    • Say no to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Take home message: “Legislation designed to address climate change, curb fossil fuel expansion and reduce air pollution could all be subject to attack by corporations as a result of TPP.” SAY NO TO CORPORATE POWER GRABS - REJECT THE TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP TO: GOVERNMENTS OF BRUNEI DARUSSALAM, CHILE, NEW ZEALAND, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, JAPAN, MALAYSIA, MEXICO, PERU, THE USA AND VIETNAM The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will massively boost corporate power at the expense of our climate and environment, human and workers’ rights, sovereignty and democracy. We strongly urge you to publish the text of the TPP as it stands now, reject proposals that would undermine your regulatory power and oppose this corporate power-grab
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Pound for pound, getting community leaders to pledge to the state’s ‘Climate Smart Communities’ program is one of the most effective things people can do to address Climate Change. Take action! It’s all spelled out for you here: Take Action on 'Climate Smart Communities': New York State's Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program supports municipalities as they identify, plan and carry out projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and prepare for the challenges climate change will bring. This program provides resources that enable localities to act on climate, without mandating which programs or policies they should adopt. 
  • ACTION: Due Date: Now (with your friends and group)  
    • What if in the Rochester, NY area we channeled this idea of the street librarian to educate locals on Climate Change.  So, we put together materials and get a neat bike (see photo) made so we casually ride around all the neighborhoods of Rochester and answer anyone’s questions about Climate Change in our area, hand out literature, engage the public at the very street level in a very low carbon emissions footprint way on this worldwide crisis. This wouldn’t be a charity project at all. This would be a crucial link in the Climate Change issue that is missing in the Rochester area—outreach.  If we hope to have a chance that the public will support the long-term actions we must make to upgrade and refit our infrastructure (transportation, telecommunications, water, etc.) we are going to need the public to understand an support these efforts year after year, elections after elections.  This outreach program would be inexpensive, effective, and probably a lot of freaking fun. Homeless Outreach in Volumes: Books by Bike for ‘Outside’ People in Oregon (October 9, 2014) New York Times
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Your input needed on shaping Western New York trails for the future, a future when less greenhouse gas emissions for transportation is a must. Help shape western New York’s trail network "The Genesee Transportation Council (GTC) is updating its trails plan for the Genesee Finger Lakes Region and wants your input. This is your opportunity to help further shape a truly regional, interconnected trail network for Monroe, Genesee, Orleans, Livingston, Wyoming, Ontario, Wayne, Seneca, and Yates Counties. Use the short needs assessment survey  and online interactive map to provide feedback on existing and planned trails and ideas for new connections and other corridors or locations for future trail development. The map even lets you see what others have already suggested. "
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Interested in the water quality of our rivers and streams and want to get trained to help monitor them?  "Reminder -- Volunteers for Stream and River Monitoring Wanted: DEC is looking for citizen scientist volunteers for stream and river monitoring as part of the Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators (WAVE) project. Volunteers visit stream sites once between July and September to collect macroinvertebrates -- insects and other small organisms -- from the rocks and rubble on the stream bottom.  In 2014, volunteers can participate by joining a local WAVE group led by a trained local coordinator, or by sampling independently. Volunteers working under a trained local coordinator do not need to attend a training session; however, volunteers who want to work independently must attend a training session.  WAVE training sessions rotate around the state on a five-year schedule, targeting those basins that will be sampled by DEC's Stream Biomonitoring Unit the following year.  Three training sessions remain for 2014: June 14 in Esperance, June 21 in Wyoming and June 29 in New Hartford. " (June 13, 2014) The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) 
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!  
    • Give Feedback to open.ny.gov! Back in March of 2013,  Governor Cuomo Launches Open.NY.Gov Providing Public Unprecedented User-Friendly Access to Federal, State and Local Data “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today launched "open.ny.gov," a new and comprehensive state data transparency website that provides - for the first time - user-friendly, one-stop access to data from New York State agencies, localities, and the federal government. The website, featuring economic development, health, recreation, and public services information, was unveiled today during Sunshine Week, a nationwide initiative designed to raise awareness about the importance of open government.”  open.ny.gov is now up and running and filled with a lot of data, most of not really helpful in learning about the state of our environment.  This data site is a good start, but it could use some more datasets focused on information we need to monitor the health of our New York State environment—especially as Climate Change affects our state. Consider giving open.ny.gov suggestions on new datasets, like Brownfield sites that need cleaning up, what kind of toxins are still the in Genesee River, where are all the landfills, what routes to hazardous materials take through our state, in what areas are folks getting cancer and what kind of cancers, and a lot more.  Give Feedback to open.ny.gov!
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW! 
    • Chance to volunteer and help largest wetland in Northeast. "Montezuma Audubon Center Seeks Volunteers   Savannah, NY - September 20 - The Montezuma Audubon Center (MAC), located at 2295 State Route 89 in Savannah, is seeking volunteers to strengthen the current staff’s ability to fulfill Audubon’s mission in conservation.  The MAC is dedicated toward providing opportunities for youth, families, and communities to connect to conservation and enhance the Montezuma Wetlands Complex as an Important Bird Area. We are looking for volunteers interested in routinely supporting day to day needs as an information desk receptionist, animal caretaker for our live reptiles and amphibians, and office supporter to help with clerical tasks. Please call Chris Lajewski at 315-365-3588 or e-mail montezuma@audubon.org for more information or to sign up today! "
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • New website by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to demand clean energy and do away with dirty energy to prevent more Climate Change. "Tell President Obama to reject the climate-destroying, Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and lead the way to a clean energy future instead. " DemandCleanPower.org
  • ACTION : Due Date NOW!:
    • Join the New York Water Sentinels stream team! Training provided periodically. Sentinels test and document stream quality now, so future effects from gas drilling are more easily identified. Water Sentinels has trained over 100 citizens to use simple scientific methods to evaluate stream quality. With stream information (such as stream depth and conductivity), we can help regulators recognize trends and address problems.  For more information:  NYWaterSentinels@gmail.com | or FaceBook
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Thinking it’s about time to do something on a big scale to combat Climate Change?  Think about joining Citizen’s Climate Lobby.  Here’s what Dr. James Hansen, head of Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NASA say’s "Most impressive is the work of Citizens Climate Lobby, a relatively new, fastgrowing, nonpartisan, nonprofit group with 60 chapters across the United States and Canada. If you want to join the fight to save the planet, to save creation for your grandchildren, there is no more effective step you could take than becoming an active member of this group." The contact information for the local Rochester group: nyrochester@citizensclimatelobby.org We meet monthly, and people can contact us for more info on getting involved!
  • ACTION: Due Date NOW!
    • Don’t need those massive phone books?  Just throw them away because you’re a digital kind of person? Opt out of getting those phone books, easy peasy, and save trees .  Phone Book Opt-Out Program Gives Choice to Consumers Did you know you can control how many phone books you get every year, or whether you get one at all? In the age of smart phones and Wi-Fi, the way people search for information is changing. For many, online search options are the new go-to for finding contact information to local residences or businesses. That means when a printed phone book arrives on your doorstep, it might go to waste. Find your local recycle  solution for Phone Books So why do phone books continue to show up? According to the Local Search Association, 70 percent of consumers still prefer to receive a printed phone book every year.  (November 20, 2012) Earth 911 [more on Recycling in our area]
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Can you imagine what our world would look like if everyone used their smartphones to report environmental crimes? Healthier! Become an environmental crime stopper Polluting a stream and getting away with it? Violating the Clean Air Act without detection? Now, anyone with a smartphone can help bust abusers of the environment. New York State Crime Stoppers announced a new phone app that makes it very easy for people to instantly report environmental crimes to the appropriate agency. Cellfare created the app in collaboration with Crime Stoppers, Waterkeeper Alliance, state police and local law enforcement agencies across the state. (November 21, 2012) Investigative Post
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • As Climate Change increase the changes of combined sewer overflows due to increase frequency of heavy rain fall in the spring, this issue will become more critical.  We must plan for this and it will be expensive, but more so if we wait.  Take action here: Help Keep Sewage Out of the Great Lakes Billions of gallons of combined raw sewage and storm runoff are dumped into the Great Lakes each year. Raw sewage, trash and personal hygiene products — along with industrial wastewater, household chemicals, urban runoff, herbicides and pesticides — often flow into the lakes after heavy rains. Urge Congress and the president to support sustained and increased investment in the Clean Water State Revolving Fund. Help keep untreated sewage out of the Great Lakes! --from Alliance for the Great Lakes
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Sign this online petition against Fracking in Monroe County: Prohibit All Fracking Related Activities on Monroe County Properties, NY Last Tuesday, over 4, 000 petition signatures to ban all Fracking and related activities were delivered to Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks and members of the Monroe County Legislature.  But presumably that wasn’t enough because the press didn’t even show up.  Here’s the news that the local news media couldn’t bother themselves to print: Thousands Sign Petition to Ban Fracking and Related Activities On Monroe County Properties. Don't let New York State become a Resource Curse.  It would be great if we could march into the Monroe County Legislature next time and fork over 20,000 signatures.  Maybe that will wake our local government up to the fact that Fracking must be stopped here and in New York State.  Find out more about this petition and download hard copies for your church group or other organization here.  Numbers count. Don't be sorry after the fact, act now. 
  • ACTION: Due Date: NOW!
    • Tired of meteorologists failing to connect the dots between Climate Change and our daily weather?  Do something about it. Take action: Forecast the Facts WE NEED OUR TV METEOROLOGISTS TO REPORT THE FACTS ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE. According to a recent national survey, more than half of TV weather reporters don’t believe in human-induced climate change. Meanwhile, their viewers are facing unprecedented climate-change induced heat waves, droughts, and flooding.


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  • My companion book to RochesterEnvironment.com written in 2005 still holds true. Now, “We Don’t Get It!” is an E-Book on Amazon.com and Kindle Amazon.com: We Don't Get It! eBook: Frank Regan: Books
  • 4/17/2015 - Rochester, NY’s leaders must demonstrate their commitment to addressing Climate Change by coming to Dr. Hansen’s talk this week. Our greatest hope in Rochester, NY is that our local leaders and the folks who will be most affected by Climate Change will meet with world renown climate scientist and activist Dr. Hansen during Earth Week. Remember: “Earth Week in Rochester is not just for environmentalists” What message would Rochester be sending if only the choir showed up, and no mayors or executives, or people who cannot attend because they are too busy at a job where they cannot make a living wage? If Rochester wants to be taken seriously as a community that understand and is willing to address Climate Change they must demonstrate that willingness. Dodging Earth Week by our leaders and officials and not informing those who will feel the worst of Climate Change consequences—heat waves, flooding, public health issues—to come to this public demonstration of concern would put Rochester on the map as a climate denier, as a community not preparing its citizens for the future.  Make sure your leaders come to Dr. Hansen’s talk and demonstrate their leadership on this worldwide crisis. Climate scientist James Hansen proving a big draw here When the local Sierra Club chapter first approached renowned climate scientist James Hansen about speaking to the group's annual forum in Rochester this Earth Week, he wasn't particularly enthused. While he often speaks publicly about the threat posed by global warming, Hansen told the Rochester group that appearances like the one they offered left him a bit cold. Talking to environmental groups, he said, was like "preaching to the choir," chapter chair Peter Debes recalled. Then Debes told Hansen that the Sierra Club chapterhad already decided to broaden their outreach and invite people from outside the environmental movement to the forum. (April 16, 2015) Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
  • 4/17/2015 - This report, where emissions of methane from the oil and gas sector rose to the top in 2013, wreaks havoc with the natural gas as bridge fuel stance. We should skip all forms of fossil fuel for energy and go straight to renewable energy even if this reality-strategy wreaks havoc with the fossil fuels’ portfolio. That’s if we want a sustainable future. Methane Leaks from Oil and Gas Wells Now Top Polluters (April 16, 2015) Scientific America
  • 4/17/2015 - As of April 10, 2015 the Green Climate Fund, where developed nations step up to the plate for developing nations, we’ve reached 1.6% of the goal. That’s pretty pathetic. The goal is to help make the COP21 Parris Climate Treaty in December of this year work by helping the developing nations keep their greenhouse gases down while trying to develop and sustain themselves under the onslaught of Climate Change consequences from the developed nations. Check here to see who’s been naughty or nice: Status of Pledges and Contributions made to the Green Climate Fund  (April 10, 2015) Green Climate Fund
  • 4/17/2015 - Addressing Climate Change is about planning—adapting our infrastructures for more extreme weather—and economic planning. Are your investments based on sound predictions of the future, or delusional thinking that includes energy options that will attempt to continue to warm the world? Big U.S. investors push SEC for oil industry to detail risks of climate change  (April 17, 2015) Reuters
  • 4/16/2015 - What if “Republicans, oil-funded think tanks and climate contrarian scientists” are right and addressing Climate Change is Unconstitutional? What if it’s against the law to stop Climate Change because it would hurt the fossil fuel industry and upset those making billions of dollars from heating up the planet? What if everyone who cared about our environment (our life support system) just went away and gave the deniers and those making a great big profit, free reign to do whatever they wanted? What if there were no attempts for a living wage, no liberals, no taxes, no environmental regulations, no scientists, nobody whatsoever thwarting the desires of those wanting it all, to have it all and totally ignore the laws of physics, biology, and ecology—not to mention their own humanity? What a wonderful world it would be for them—for about a week I suspect before for the shit hit the fan. Humans. Ya gotta laugh. Obama climate plan comes under fire in Capitol Hill hearing  (April 15, 2015) Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)
  • 4/16/2015 - I think, first, Americans didn’t believe in Climate Change, now they believe it is hopeless—with no ‘trying’ stage in between. It took a long time to get Americans to believe what scientists were saying about Climate Change because the media wasn’t doing their job, because high-profile deniers were sowing doubt (as in “Merchants of Doubt”, and because our politics went wacky over this issue. Then, as the science became clearer and 97% of climate scientists confirmed that Climate Change is happening more American started to believe in this crisis—and then mostly (after thinking about it) have given up. They don’t want to hear about it because it is so mind-numbingly awful. But Climate Change is only mind-numbingly awful if we don’t make a real effort to address it. We need to have a stage in the Climate Change crisis where we make a worldwide effort to actually address this issue before we just give up and do nothing. We should do something first, then give up—which we and our kids won’t do because adapting to Climate Change is baked into our nature even if it’s hopeless. Just ask those early humans who perished before us. They did “not go gentle into that good night”. What Americans Think About Climate Change—It's Complicated  (April 13, 2015) Fast CoExist
  • 4/16/2015 - An update: How’s that worldwide effort to reduce GHG’s on the road to COP21 Paris going? Looks like when we do the math, present promised reductions of CO2 emissions for COP21 Paris Climate Treaty puts us at 3–4°C warming by the end of this century.  Which is to say, we won’t bake ourselves as thoroughly and as quickly as if we did completely nothing to address Climate Change—but almost. Anything over 2°C is bad, and many climate scientists think even 2°C is delusional (we are already in dangerous territory), but at our present rate of commitment, we won’t end all life, just make it really, really miserable. If target confirmed, Japan would join Russia with an “inadequate” climate pledge, putting world on path to 3–4°C warming  (April 15,2015) Climate Action Tracker
  • 4/16/2015 - Many of the solutions for addressing Climate Change come with issues like moral hazards for more energy, radiation, etc. Tress are perfect. Even clean energy isn’t perfect because it still continues endless growth and a growing man-made infrastructure that disrupts our environment. Nuclear power, though clean, is dangerous. But growing trees, maintaining our forests and the soils that maintain them, are one of the perfect solutions to Climate Change—as long as we keep them in the ground. Forests can soak up a third of carbon emissions  (April 11, 2015) Climate News Network
  • 4/15/2015 - I commend Jeremy Moule and Rochester City Newspaper on this Dr. Hansen-coming-to-Rochester article and years of attending to the issue of Climate Change. No other media in the Rochester, New York region has tried to connect the local dots between Climate Change and this worldwide crisis. There is a great hope that promoting Dr. Hansen’s visit to Rochester on Earth Day will accelerate media attention and public concern on this worldwide crisis--and finally get Rochester’s attention. The Sierra Club’s website says this about Dr. Hansen’s talk “Pre-Registration Admissions are sold out, but there will be a some extra seats in the Theatre plus a small overflow room with live-streaming of the action in the Theatre.” But you can find out more about Rochester Earth Week 2015 and a talk by Dr. Hansen on WXXI’s “Connections” on this page of the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition: ROCHESTER NY EARTH WEEK 2015. There are a lot of events coming with Earth Week 2015, please demonstrate that you care about Climate Change and bring a ‘non-environmentalist’ with you to one of the many programs. Victory over climate change  Former NASA scientist James Hansen has warned about global warming for decades. We still aren't listening. James Hansen sat in front of members of the US Senate and told them that the Earth is warming and that human-generated greenhouse gas emissions are to blame. Back in 1988. Hansen was director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies at the time and had been studying global warming and the greenhouse effect since the 1970's. Scientists had already identified and warned of the link between global warming and carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels. But Hansen delivered one of the first blunt, high-profile declarations. (April 15, 2015) Rochester City Newspaper
  • 4/15/2015 - Twitter is hardly the blame for Climate Change; that charge goes to human frailties. It would be great if our social media could alter our tendency to shout at each other from inside our silos, from behind bumper-stickers slogans, and help dispense the overwhelming evidence from science and personal experience that Climate Change is happening and so we need to plan. The answer is not to give up on social media, but to tweak it so that facts overrule loud misinformation. Use social media to accelerate the news and events and solutions to Climate Change and forget about trying to change the folks who have nothing better to do with their lives than thwart the rest of us from addressing the worldwide crisis of Climate Change.  “You cannot teach a pig to talk and it irritates the pig” can be said for arguing with a climate denier hell bent on a bug-eyed zealotry for nonsense. Twitter failing to bridge gap between climate activists and sceptics  (April 14, 2015) Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)
  • 4/15/2015 - Considering their impact on public attention, it’s critical that TV weathercasters are finally coming around on Climate Change. For the many, many folks who won’t believe climate scientists, or their teachers, or their friends, on Climate Change, they will listen to their weather reporters. And considering that weather rules our lives (no baseball game, or cookouts, if it’s storming, or no school if there’s a blizzard), it is amazing how many are focused on the weather channels but don’t seem to project that concern to the future weather—and changes in the present. Weather patterns (like heat waves, which kill more people over the long run than any other weather event by far) need to be anticipated before they come so they don’t kill so many people—like the 1995 heat have in Chicago that killed over 700 folks. I’m reading “Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago”, by Eric Klinenberg and if you think you know heat waves, you don’t know heat waves. Climate Change is coming with a lot of heat waves and we’d better figure out how to handle them. A couple of opened fire hydrants just won’t do the trick. Broadcast meteorologists increasingly convinced manmade climate change is happening  (April 14, 2015) The Washington Post
  • 4/15/2015 - First, New York State bans Fracking and now we’re moving up on Smart Grids. Is our state going to be an energy leader during Climate Change?  There’s also this “Cuomo followed that with another announcement this week that the state will invest $160 million to help expand larger wind farms, fuel cells, biomass power plants, biogas and small hydropower projects across the state.” New York’s Smart Grid Research May Shape U.S.  (April 10, 2015) Climate Central
  • 4/14/2015 - Steve Curwood, host of “Living On Earth”, has demonstrated for a long time what excellent environmental and Climate Change news coverage looks (sounds, as it’s radio) like. Sign up for the free ‘Living On Earth” podcast and stay informed about environmental issues and especially Climate Change. Living On Earth Host Says The Time To Act On Climate Change Is Now  (April 13, 2014) WXXI News
  • 4/14/2015 - The question is not whether Climate Change will bring the GOP down, it’s whether a climate denier is fit to govern. Increasingly, our political elections are going to revolve around addressing Climate Change because it is the mother of all problems. Even politicians getting big bucks by the fossil fuel industry will have quite a battle trying to convince the voting public that Climate Change isn’t important—when it is. Climate Censorship Gains Steam in Red States  (April 13, 2015) Inside Climate News
  • 4/14/2015 - Keeping C02 concentrations 2C above preindustrial averages is the goal of COP21, but how close are we to 2C? Rationally, anything remotely close to 2C should be avoided at all costs, but it looks like humanity still wants to simply watch the temperature gauge and place bets. Two degrees of warming closer than you may think  (February 6, 2015) Climate Code Red
  • 4/13/2015 - Who cares what ALEC thinks about New York State’s economic outlook? NY banned Fracking and moves toward renewable energy. An organization that only sees fossil fuels as a way to the future is not a measure of our economic health in a time of Climate Change. Those states that begin preparing their infrastructures for more extreme weather and retrofit their energy to clean energy are going to be much better off than those who pound for more fossil fuel in a time of warming. ALEC, the fox in the henhouse, tell us that New York is bad. Good Grief. ALEC report ranks N.Y. worst for economic outlook The American Legislative Exchange Council has ranked New York as the worst state for its economic outlook. Rich States, Poor States ranked the 50 states in terms of their economic competitiveness. Utah ranked first on the list. (April 10, 2015) Rochester Business Journal
  • 4/13/2015 - Excellent interview with McKibben on Climate Change. Still, NPR should rehire its Climate Reporting Team. Check this out: “NPR Guts Its Environment And Climate Reporting Team, Becomes ‘Part Of The Problem’”.  To do something about that go here: “Sign the petition: Stop NPR from gutting its climate coverage.” Bill McKibben: lessening climate change "probably the biggest challenge and choice that human beings have ever had" Colder winters. Melting ice caps. Stronger storms. The climate is changing, but America still produces and consumes massive amounts of fossil fuels. Climate change activist and author Bill McKibben said it is not too late to do something about it. McKibben spoke at SUNY Canton in upstate New York, last week. He sat down with Sarah Harris to talk about how America is grappling with the warming planet. (April 13, 2015) North Country Public Radio
  • 4/13/2015 - With Hillary out in front on Climate Change, it’s going to be tough for media, pundits, and challengers not to talk about it. In this great chat (An ‘Ask Me Anything’ Chat on Climate Science and Coverage) about Climate Change coverage recently with journalist Andrew Revkin of the NYT and major climate scientist Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, Oppenheimer mentioned that he thought the most dramatic change in the public discussion on Climate Change was President Obama making it a major part of this last two years as President. However much the media, the talking heads on all these crazy radio and TV programs, and even these candidates who don’t believe in Climate Change, want Climate Change to just go away, with Hillary Clinton putting this issue out in front of her agenda, the next presidential elections is going to be about Climate Change—no matter how much all those who have been trying to shut up out this crisis want it to go away. The Arctic melts, the rapid rise in CO2 concentration (as I write it is 399.5 ppm and that’s up from 280ppm in the mid 1800’s) continues unabated, and extreme weather increases, but this doesn’t seem to move the public, the media, or the pundits from talking about everything but Climate Change. But a major contender for the office of President of the U.S. is going to make keeping this issue under the rug impossible. Hillary Clinton to make climate ‘top of agenda’ for White House run  Presidential bid could be first in US history to make global warming key election issue, highlighting differences with Republicans Tacking climate change and investing in clean energy would be a priority for a Hillary Clinton presidency, according to the man running her bid to become the next US president. John Podesta, who recently quit his job as advisor to President Barack Obama, tweeted this would be “top of the agenda” for Clinton as she prepares her run for the White House. (April 13, 2015) Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)
  • 4/13/2015 - Even if glaciers are not even on your bucket list of things to visit, the rapid melting of these great land feature must alarm you. If you’re not alarmed at the rapid melting of glaciers around the world, you don’t get Climate Change. We have greatly disturbed the climate we thrived in for the last 10,000 years and the rapid melting of these glaciers is clear demonstration that what 97% of climate scientist have been saying about this crisis is true. Climate Change is about planning, not whether you care about glaciers. Still you ought to be able to appreciate the signs that Climate Change is happening. Canada’s glaciers to drastically shrink by 2100  (April 10, 2015) tcktcktck
  • 4/13/2015 - Today’s question boys & girls: How can you lead a nation if you don’t believe in science? Ans: magical thinking. It’s really, really hard to believe that anyone would even want to run for President of the United States while having to maintain day-after-day that Climate Change is a great big hoax, when the rest of the world and 97% of climate scientists believe otherwise. Even if you really, really believe that Climate Change isn’t true, it is. And our next president is going to have to lead on preparing the nation for the consequences of this warming (which are already occurring). How much fun can that be for someone who doesn’t even understand or can’t (because of political beliefs) the science behind this worldwide crisis?  Tom Steyer Is Taking On the Climate Deniers Running for President (April 7, 2015) Mother Jones
  • 4/13/2015 - At the end of the day, though, our policymakers should be leading on Climate Change not putting their finger to wind. Because Climate Change is science at the core, even if every man, woman, and child in the US didn’t believe in Climate Change our leaders should still lead on Climate Change by educating, planning, and preparing. Of course, studies on folk’s attitudes towards Climate Change in any given region can help our leaders understand the level of education and preparation necessary, but opinion data shouldn’t rule how a leader leads on this reality-based crisis. Climate Change Beliefs, Parsed on a Local Level, Paint a Valuable Portrait New study creates thin slices of data on people's attitudes toward climate, could be a boon for policymakers.  (April 6, 2015) Inside Climate News
  • 4/12/2015 - This week's RENewsletter has been published RENewsletter April 12, 2015 Each week get all the environmental news, events, actions and comment free.  Click Subscribe
  • 4/11/2015 - Honor these folks at the Fast Forward Film Festival in Rochester, NY on April 17 & 18 by viewing their environmental films. Fast Forward Film Festival announces top picks A dozen films were top picks out of 96 entries in this year’s Fast Forward Film Festival. (April 11, 2015) Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
  • 4/11/2015 - Earth Day is coming up soon. How will this critical anniversary be transformed in a warming world? Back to the streets? It seems strange that even though the moral, scientific and engineering issues have been solved by experts going into Climate Change that we still have to fight tooth and nail to address the obvious. Humans. Ya gotta laugh. Bill McKibben on Earth Day and the Power of Protest Earth Day is typically seen as an occasion to take action to help the environment, to ride your bike to work or pick up litter along rivers and streams. But environmental writer turned activist Bill McKibben tells host Steve Curwood we need to take to the streets together to solve the massive problem of climate change. (April 10, 2015) Living on Earth
  • 4/11/2015 - It’s absurd to argue that Pope Francis’s moral message on Climate Change is somehow counteracted by “the right of poorer countries to get out of poverty using fossil fuels”. First, more greenhouse gas emissions spewed into our atmosphere by poor countries (or any countries for that matter) will result in a catastrophic rise in warming. Secondly, poor countries can lift themselves out of poverty using the Green Climate Fund, a project (part of the COP21 deal) by developed countries to compensate the developing countries for using up the developing countries’ share of the atmospheric and oceanic commons. This argument that poor countries have the right to get out of poverty by using fossil fuels is a blatant shill for the fossil fuel industry. The Green Climate Fund is a mechanism to help the poor without using fossil fuels and places the burden of morality and costs on the developing nations. To ignore the moral imperative for the developed countries to adequately fund the Green Climate fund for clean energy to lift the poor out of poverty and instead and try to make a moral argument for using more fossil fuels is craven. The Power and Limits of Pope Francis’s Climate Change Campaign (April 10, 2015) DOT Earth | New York Times
  • 4/10/2015 - Just a little peek: 5-min video clips on your environmental messages April 17 & 18 at the Fast Forward Film Festival in Rochester, NY. Even though our local media has been shy about informing the public about our environment and Climate Change, you haven’t been. Check out some contenders for the FFFF prizes and be a part of this historic effort to get the public engaged on messaging the importance of our environment—our freaking life support system.
  • 4/10/2015 - ROCHESTER NY EARTH WEEK 2015, from Friday, April 17, 2015 to Monday, April 27th, includes: Fast Forward Film Festival (check this out, it’s really neat); Pachamana’s Awakening the Dreamer-Changing the Dream Symposium; Climate Science 101, with Dr. Susan Spencer; Dr. Hansen speaks to our community on WXXI (PBS) Connections; “Science in Film Series: Future Weather” screening at the Little Theater (with a Q&A afterwards with Dr. Hansen); Dr. Hansen speaks at a featured talk at Sierra Club Forum at MCC; RISK–Rochester “Introducing Sustainability to Kids”; “Climate Activism 101”; "Mothers Out Front Drinks"; “Ask and Activist” panel discussion; an “Interfaith Celebration of our Planet: Renewing Our Commitment to the Earth and its Inhabitants through Prayer and Song’; “Talking With Kids About Climate Change”, and a Citizens’ Climate Lobby Open Meeting (which means, ya’ll are invited). 
  • 4/10/2015 - Although their leaders may fail to lead on Climate Change, eventually their people will rise up and insist that their leaders act. Climate Change is not a belief system; it is a clear and present danger to everyone in every country. The public cannot be held hostage to an ideology that fails to address this real worldwide crisis. Thousands set to join biggest climate march in Canadian history  (April 10, 2015) tcktcktck
  • 4/10/2015 - It is at the level of insurance costs that many who don’t believe in Climate Change will finally feel its effect. For some, Climate Change is only an environmental issue and for them environmental issues are not important to them, only the god almighty dollar. Some even say that if we address Climate Change we will wreck our economy and so we should keep to business as usual--regardless. Ya gotta laugh at this absurdity. Mother Nature doesn’t give a hoot about our man-made economy and when the glaciers melt the water will rise and when the water rises shoreline property owners will feel the pinch from their insurance companies. How Flood Insurance Could Drive Americans From Coasts  (April 7, 2015) Climate Central
  • 4/10/2015 - Climate Change is going to dramatically affect public health issues so preparing the public for should take top priority. Ignoring this issue and not preparing will produce doom and gloom. For those who don’t like to think about Climate Change because it’s so gloomy, it is precisely because they don’t think about it and make sure that their leaders take action that will cause the doom and gloom. Climate Change is about planning. Video: Researcher warns of climate-driven public health impacts in TEDx talk.  (April 9, 2015) The Daily Climate
  • 4/09/2015 - Rochester, NY’s ‘Clean Sweep’ is coming up on May 2nd. This very successful City clean-up program is great time to demonstrate your love of Rochester. Clean Sweep - 2015 Help Rochester sparkle at Clean Sweep The City of Rochester is partnering with the Rochester Red Wings to host a one-day, all-city Clean Sweep, starting 8 a..m. Saturday, May 2 at Frontier Field (map). The first 4,000 volunteers participating in Clean Sweep will receive a free ticket to that day’s baseball game, which starts at 1:05 p.m. that afternoon. A light breakfast will be provided along with a food voucher at the game. Free parking will be available. Groups and individuals may register to volunteer for Clean Sweep using the online form below,  or by calling 311 (428-5990 if calling from outside of city limits).  Additional details of this year’s Clean Sweep will be announced at a later date. Rochester, NY.
  • 4/09/2015 - Educating safe bicycling and accommodating more bicyclists at our schools and work places means more folks will help reduce GHGs, critical to addressing Climate Change in our area. Not to mention if more students and teachers bike, instead of drive, it helps alleviate the critical shortage of parking spaces. This is a great program. Bike school  The University of Rochester has made serious efforts to encourage its staff, faculty, and students to bike.  (April 8, 2015) Rochester City Newspaper
  • 4/09/2015 - Constantly hearing “faster than expected” when attributed to the consequences of Climate Change is getting old. It’s getting old because it is a constant reminder that business as usual isn’t working and that our worst case Climate Change predictions by scientists are coming true. ‘Faster than expected’ (like our permafrost is melting faster than expected and releasing methane gas faster than expected) sounds alarmist, but it’s now it’s reporting as usual because ‘faster than expected’ is what happens when you do nothing to prevent Climate Change and the consequences keep getting worse.  Humans. Ya gotta laugh. Why This New Study On Arctic Permafrost Is So Scary Scientists might have to change their projected timelines for when Greenland’s permafrost will completely melt due to man-made climate change, now that new research from Denmark has shown it could be thawing faster than expected.  (April 8, 2015) Think Progress/Climate Progress
  • The Story of ChangeStory of Change « The Story of Stuff Project "Can shopping save the world? The Story of Change urges viewers to put down their credit cards and start exercising their citizen muscles to build a more sustainable, just and fulfilling world. "
  • 4/09/2015 - Few political decisions are more craven and reckless than forcing a climate denial mandate. What we’ve learned from history is that when a political party continues to hold to an insane and evil ideology (as the Whigs did with the expansion of slavery), they stop being a political party. For Some Wisconsin State Workers, ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t Something You Can Talk About  (April 8, 2015) Bloomberg
  • 4/09/2015 - Going to be very tough to hammer out a deal at COP21 Paris Climate Treaty to keep from using all the fossil fuels available. Be much tougher to survive without a deal at Paris. One gets the sense in the new documentary “Merchants of Doubt” that many powerful folks will do everything, including deception, to cloud the science of climate so they can drill and then burn every last ounce of fossil fuel our planet contains. Which will make planet Earth uninhabitable for humanity. If We Dig Out All Our Fossil Fuels, Here’s How Hot We Can Expect It to Get  (April 8, 2015) New York Times
  • 4/08/2015 - This is what Climate Change preparation looks like: updating our infrastructure. Are your leaders doing their job? If your leaders are not taking the very practical steps to update and get all our infrastructures—water, wastewater, transportation, telecommunications, etc.—prepared for more extreme weather, they are not doing their job. The media should be investigating this aspect of Climate Change and holding our leaders accountable, not avoiding the Climate Change crisis like they have been doing for a long, long time.  Public Works: Preparing Sewage Treatment Plants for Climate Change  (April 7, 2015) Torontoist
  • 4/08/2015 - Are local TV weathercasters in Rochester, NY doing their job on Climate Change? It really matters. “Unlike climate scientists, TV meteorologists have unparalleled access to their communities…” Climate Matters "Research shows that meteorologists are trusted messengers on climate change. The majority understand that climate change is real and that the science of climate change needs to be communicated to the public.  Unlike climate scientists, TV meteorologists have unparalleled access to their communities. Through Climate Matters, Climate Central provides regularly produced content on the relationship between weather and climate. Our team of data analysts, meteorologists, climate experts, graphic artists and journalists create graphics, text, animations, videos and research to aid TV weathercasters in presenting science-rooted climate information in clear, concise and relevant ways. " Climate Central
  • 4/08/2015 - The US media, especially local Rochester, NY media, has done a poor job on framing Climate Change and it shows. It’s hard to believe just how disengaged the public is on the crisis of Climate Change even at this late date when the science is solid and the need to plan is critical. Do you know what our region is doing to prepare for Climate Change? Do you know if those preparations will have any impact? Wouldn’t it make sense for the media to frame Climate Change as an ailing condition where measures to alleviate that condition were assessed to see if these measures were actually solving the problem? If the government said it was addressing Climate Change, shouldn’t the media be checking to see what was being done and if these measure were having any effect? Media coverage of UN climate science reports: why it matters   (March 27, 2015) Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)
  • Comfort Zone: A documentary exploring climate change in upstate New York” | Is climate change a scientific problem? An engineering problem? A psychological problem? All that, and more? COMFORT ZONE takes an in-depth look at what happens when global climate issues come to our backyards. The specific setting is Upstate New York, but the effects, both subtle and profound, illustrate the kinds of effects that can happen anywhere  We encourage you to screen the film with as many people as possible. Please contact us if you need help setting up or promoting a screening, or would like us to attend. Below are some tools and advice to help you have the most successful screening possible. You can also use this flyer to share information about the film with people who might want to collaborate on a screening.
  • 4/08/2015 - Watched “Merchants of Doubt” in Portland. This documentary about the climate denial business must come to Rochester, NY. Featured prominently in this film is Dr. James Hansen, world renowned climate scientist and activist, and his efforts to convince Congress and the public of the need to pay attention to this issue. Dr. Hansen will be speaking in Rochester, NY during Earth Week. “Merchants of Doubt” is so important to watch because much of the public doubt on Climate Change has been sown by those with their own selfish agenda—at the cost of inaction on this critical issue. Climate Change is about planning for a warmer future and we cannot do that if the public is continually thrown into doubt about the critical need to do that.
  • 4/08/2015 - Can we believe that more Fracking studies, more fossil fuel studies, will prove that burning fossil fuels won’t warm the planet or harm our environment? If we are to believe such studies, they had better be done without influence from the fossil fuel industries. Fracking Study on Water Contamination Under Ethics Review  (April 6, 2015) Inside Climate News
  • 4/01/2015 - Regardless of where you stand on GMO’s, who in their right mind wouldn’t want their food properly labeled? Right to know it's GMO?  (April 1, 2015) Fairport-East Rochester
  • 4/01/2015 - Excitement grows in Rochester, NY as world renowned climate scientist & activist & author, Dr. Hansen speaks on Earth Day. Celebrated Climate Change Scientist to Address Rochester Sierra Club
  • 4/01/2015 - And now a word (see below) from world renowned climate scientist & activist & author, Dr. Hansen who will speak at Rochester, NY on Earth Week. Come to Rochester, NY and meet Dr. Hansen who will speak on “CLIMATE, ENERGY, AND INTERGENERATIONAL JUSTICE” Tuesday, April 21 6:30-8:30pm Where: The Theater (Building 4) at Monroe Community College, 1000 East Henrietta Road (Route 15A) Rochester, NY 14623. Find out more about ROCHESTER NY EARTH WEEK 2015 It’s all FREE, but please Register. Global Warming Hole "Sorry to have disappeared for two months. I was working on a paper. More on it later. For now I only want to let people living in the eastern two-thirds of North America know that global warming is really happening. In fact, 2015 should be the year that stifles discussion of a warming hiatus. A substantial developing El Nino will add to the global warming trend, and should make 2015 easily the warmest year in the instrumental record." Dr. James E. Hansen
  • 4/01/2015 - Obama administration steps up to the plate on Paris climate treaty even though most Americans don’t care and GOP cringes. It’s a strange world where science tells us the world is warming due to our way of life and we must address it but the US public still thinks this issue is dull potatoes (See: “Americans less likely to care a 'great deal' about environmental threats” and the other party, which happens to be leading Congress by the nose, is still holding up its nose on Climate Change.  Time Passes. United States sets official strategy for Paris climate talks  (March 31, 20150 Reuters
  • 4/01/2015 - ACTION: Great project. Be a part of Climate Change history. Make COP21 Paris Climate Treaty more transparent. Join our Climate Tracker program on the Road to Paris Join the world’s biggest climate change writing movement for a chance to join the Adopt a Negotiator COP21 team in Paris this year Sign-up now for your chance to see your name in the biggest newspapers in the country; a chance to shape your future; and a chance to join our team in Paris in December! This is a huge year for climate action. Almost every country on earth is in the midst of preparing its national climate action plans before a new global climate treaty is revealed in Paris this December. (March 31, 2015) tcktckteck
  • 4/01/2015 - On the road to the COP21 Paris Climate Treaty all countries “have agreed to hold warming to below 2C. How’s that going? Climate Action Tracker | All countries "Governments have agreed to hold warming to below 2?C.  The focus of emission reduction proposals to be submitted in INDCs during 2015 is for governments to put forward their proposed contributions to a “fair sharing” of effort to move global emissions downward in the period 2020-2025-2030. The Climate Action Tracker rates INDCs, pledges and current policies against whether they are consistent with a countries fair share effort to holding warming to below 2°C. " from Climate Action Tracker
  • 3/31/2015 - Florida is what climate denial leadership looks like. Is this what we want for the 2016 presidential elections? Do you really want a pilot flying our plane in a sky he doesn’t believe in? Florida’s Climate Denial Could Cause Catastrophic Recession Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) has made Florida the punchline for countless jokes since we learned in early March he barred state officials from using the term “climate change.”  (March 30, 2015) Think Progress/Climate Progress
  • 3/31/2015 - The 2016 US presidential election should be a referendum, or rather an end, to the politicization of Climate Change. It’s hard to believe at this late date that the US still considers putting a climate denier into office. If the US public votes against science and for an anti-reality ideology in the next presidential election, this will seriously hamper our ability to adapt to and mitigate Climate Change. US politics has so devolved that we are at the mercy of those who would take us down with them to keep their ideology alive. And we are so used to this delusionary state of US politics that we think it is normal to give those with enough power and money to present any ideology of theirs to run our country—even if that ideology is an anathema to life itself. We think it more normal now to consider voting for a party that has backed itself into an impossible position against science, than deciding which candidate can best serve our own best interests—which includes Life (all life, even for future beings), liberty (all liberty), and the possibility of pursing Happiness for all. Ted Cruz embodies Republican climate change dilemma Candidate Ted Cruz’s comment likening climate change activists to ‘flat-Earthers’ begins election in which scientists suggest issue may receive much higher billing than before (March 27, 2015) The Guardian
  • 3/30/2014 - Considering that that the Northeast has already experienced a 71% increase in the amount of precipitation falling in very heavy events from 1958 to 2012, we had better find a freaking way to fund these wastewater infrastructure updates. map [See Figure 2.18: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation]  Raw sewage for drinking water will wake us up for the need to plan for Climate Change, but by then it will be very nasty and difficult to fix because a lot of other consequences will be going on. Climate Change is about planning. Maybe our economists can figure out a way to make their economic system work in a way we can plan for Climate Change. If not, the economic system needs some serious reality checking. Why aren’t we having this conversation about infrastructure updates and Climate Change? Why it is so unfashionable still in the Rochester area to connect the dots with extreme weather, our infrastructure, and Climate Change? Time passes. New York State Exposed: Underground water infrastructure Out of sight, out of mind. That saying could best describe our underground water infrastructure.  (March 30, 2015) WHEC Rochester [more on Water Quality
  • 3/30/2015 - As for soil, I’m reading Dr. Wolfe’s “Tales From The Underground: A Natural History Of Subterranean Life.” It’s really really important. If our soil is going to be dramatically affected by Climate Change (think more erosion, more floods, more droughts), then we had better turn our attention to those environmental processes that are so critical to life. So, Dr. Wolfe is a major climate scientist for Northeast (contributing to several major climate reports for our region) and teaches at the School of Integrative Plant Science Horticulture Section. We’re treating soil like dirt. It’s a fatal mistake, as our lives depend on it  (March 25, 2015) The Guardian
  • 3/30/2015 - However, in Rochester, NY media we don’t have a ‘hope gap’ on Climate Change; we have an ‘existence gap.’ We’d be happy just to see Climate Change just mentioned once in a while. In Rochester’s media we don’t mention it, discuss it, or acknowledge it. The world is getting warmer and folks are taking responsibility and taking action all over the world, but in Rochester it’s still unfashionable to speak the name of Climate Change. I suspect this denial will catch up with us. Media Contributing to ‘Hope Gap’ on Climate Change  (March 28, 2015) Climate Central
  • 3/30/2015 - Some countries (even developing countries) are taking pledges for reducing GHG emissions for COP21 very seriously. Why not others? Mexico Announces Ambitious Climate Target  (March 27, 2015) Inside Climate News
  • 3/28/2015 - One of the reasons to focus on Bicycles in Rochester, NY is an adaptation strategy for Climate Change. And, of course, the massive health and economic benefits. Here’s what you get when you include bicycles in our transportation system: “Making 50% of short trips by bicycle would yield savings of approximately $3.8 billion/year from avoided mortality and reduced health care costs (95% CI: $2.7 billion, $5.0 billion].” (November 2, 2011 Air quality and exercise-related health benefits from reduced car travel in the midwestern United States, published by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) .  Art and bikes collide at RoCo Art Center Rochester Contemporary Art Center's latest exhibit was eight years in the making — if you add in wishful thinking.  (March 27, 2015) Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
  • 3/28/2015 - How can you produce a community report card on education, children, the economy, health and housing without including environment and Climate Change? ACT Rochester’s past decision to remove ‘environment’ in their reports is delusional, especially as Climate Change has already effected our region and will increasingly affect all the major issues in our region (and every other region for that matter). Please consider asking our friends over at ACT Rochester to put ENVIRONMENT back into their data sets so we can have a realistic report card and plan our future so all are other issues aren’t overwhelmed by the mother of all problems. There is no excuse that there aren’t Climate Change Indicators to measure and provide data for—Just ask the EPA “Climate Change Indicators in the United States| ACT Rochester Presents 4th Community Report Card ACT Rochester presented its fourth community report card Friday showing our nine-county region doing well or better than New York State in areas of education, children, the economy, health and housing. (March 27, 2015) Time Warner Cable News
  • 3/28/2015 - The Biggest Story in the World. Are you listening in on The Guardian’s attempt to change journalism on Climate Change? The story on journalism is not how they are going to pander to corporate interests in order to survive; the story of journalism is how they are going to shift to report on a world that is warming, a world where the public needs to be thoroughly informed on the biggest story in the world. How is our local media changing in light of the mother of all problems? The biggest story in the world "Behind the scenes at the Guardian, the editor in chief Alan Rusbridger and his team reveal a newspaper's mission to save the world from climate change. Can they find a new narrative to tell a 20 year-old story? And what will they risk in their efforts to do so?" The Guardian
  • 3/28/2015 - Recycling apples and oranges. What can we learn from comparing Buffalo’s and Rochester’s recycling rates? If we don’t have standardized ways to measure the recycling rates from community to community, and on up to state to state, country to country, what do our measurements mean? If we can inflate our recycling rates by throwing in all kinds of recycling, as Buffalo has, how can the public possibly be able to measure the worth of their efforts or evaluate the effectiveness of their local recycling programs? According to the Investigative Post, the recycling rate was 11.3% last year for Buffalo and the national average is 25%. According to the D&C: “Available information shows 117,000 tons of waste, or 16 percent of all the solid waste generated at homes, businesses and institutions, is now recycled or composted annually. And, based on the Monroe County  solid waste plan “Based on the best, but limited, NYSDEC data available for the year 2010, it is estimated that approximately 27% of the waste generated in the County was diverted from disposal via recycling and composting efforts. ” --”For MSW, the future planning projections call for an increase from 20% to 60% diversion over the ten (10) year planning period. ” Are we trying to measure apples and oranges? Why aren’t we standardizing recycling rates so the public knows what’s going on and why doesn’t our media continually watchdog this issue for every community like the Investigative Post does? City Hall inflating Buffalo’s recycling rate Mayor Byron Brown’s administration has found a new way to inflate the city’s recycling rate by counting clothing donations given to nonprofits such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  (March 23, 2015) Investigative Post
  • 3/28/2015 - What if NYS communities, one by one, just said Yes! to our environment: started banning Bomb Trains, banning single-use plastic bag, and more… What if ‘green issues’ were no longer viewed as specialty issues, but reality? Of course, because Americans will do the right thing after everything fails, we will align our concerns with reality, but will it be in enough time to actually matter? County Committee to Draft Call for Action on ‘Bomb’ Trains With Philipstown residents urging it on, a Putnam County legislative committee last week threw its unofficial support behind environmental efforts on three major issues — trains that carry volatile fuel oil along the Hudson River, the proposed Algonquin gas pipeline, and PCBs in the Hudson and adjacent waterways — and began considering a fourth, a ban on plastic shopping bags.  (February 17, 2015) PhilipsonTown.info
  • 3/28/2015 - Deadline looming for pledges on reducing greenhouse gas levels for COP21 Paris Treaty. Will humanity step up to the plate? Or, will we fail ourselves and all other animals and plants on Earth? Some countries (and many people, I suspect) don’t recognize this looming deadline. How wonderful for them. Time passes. US set for Paris climate pledge as UN deadline draws near  Washington primed to outline scale of carbon cuts but other developed countries and emerging economies stay silent   (March 27, 2015) Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)
  • 3/27/2015 - The state of NYS energy options during Climate Change: Fracking ban, bomb trains increasing across our state on rails, massive gas storage that locals don’t want, some renewable energy, some divestment, and a major fossil fuel pipeline (NED) proposed through our state that the local don’t want. So, in a time when energy use equals a moral imperative on Climate Change, New York is still getting seriously bullied by the fossil fuel industry’s that hampers our ability to be good—to adapt to and mitigate Climate Change. Time passes. WATCH: Stephentown residents say 'no' to NED pipeline  (March 26, 2015) Innovation Trail
  • 3/27/2015 - Find out about “Green Visions” an incredible Rochester Greentopia program for greening up our neighborhoods. Green Visions: “Employing both localized workforce development and phyto-remediation, the program helps foster healthy community in the JOSANA neighborhood of Rochester, NY. Green Visions is a two-part community-based program based on a vision for a more vibrant and flourishing Rochester. It is a workforce development program AND phytoremediation project in the City of Rochester’s JOSANA neighborhood. Together with neighbors, we install and cultivate flourishing gardens of flowers on once-vacant and decaying lots.”
  • 3/27/2015 - One of the Climate Change adaptation strategies for wildlife are environmental corridors so animals can migrate. But animals cannot read. Environmental corridors are already a part of our climate plans to help wildlife move across our grid of highways and roads in order to seek a climate where they can survive. The problem is that we treat animals as roadkill when it comes to transportation, which is to say we give only passing attention to the complex problem of wildlife trying to adapt when their environment is fenced in by our transportation system. And our wildlife are One with our environment, our life support system, so roadkill is not just about them—it’s about us. When you read our climate studies, we know about this problem of wildlife and transportation, but we not addressing this at all in the real world. ‘If you build it they will come’ fails for turtle crossings  (March 25, 2015) Science News
  • 3/27/2015 - What countries are doing their part to make the COP21 Paris Climate Treaty a success? See the just-launched CAIT Paris Contributions Map and keep checking back. With new tools like this we can verify the promises made to see if we are actually addressing Climate Change—or just talking the talk. Tracking New Climate Action Plans in the Lead-Up to COP 21 in Paris  (March 26, 2015) World Resources Institute
  • 3/27/2015 - Low oil prices are an opportunity to install a carbon tax, divest, and increase renewable energy—not squeeze Earth dry of its fossil fuels and screw up the planet further. Watch Naomi Klein’s short video. Naomi Klein: Shock of Oil Price Plunge Is Opportunity World Must Seize  (March 25, 2015) Common Dreams